We're committed to creating world-class nutrition for every step of your journey.


Quality / Service / Aspiration

We constantly push ourselves to be the best and have done since day one – we never compromise and neither should our customers.

The best ingredients, the best formulations, the best taste, the best choice, the best service and the best brand experience.


Expertise / Accessibility / Community

Champion of the people and a facilitator of choice. We understand that everybody and every body is different, we’re an open book of knowledge and expertise, empowering our customers to make decisions that fit their goals and feel right for them.

Our extensive range offers something for everyone.


Transparency / Real / The Journey

We celebrate the effort, routine and commitment it takes to look and feel good.

Goals evolve and priorities change. We’re a brand for every target, every win and every step along the way.

By sharing our journey and the journeys of those who inspire us, we build a foundation of trust with our customers, ambassadors and partners. Building a global community for the brand.



Since 2006, when we started Bulk™ from a spare bedroom, we’ve been dedicated to empowering every athlete and every person with the right nutrition and inspiration they need – to not only achieve their goals but to go beyond them.

As passionate gym-goers, we knew things could be different...and better. Wanting to get more from the supplements available at the time, we decided to change the game and create transparent and industry-leading products that anyone could trust - from athletes to casual gym-goers. That’s how our mission to transform sports nutrition and wellbeing started.

Our belief that transparency should always be at the very heart of our products still stands today.

Fast-forward to today. What began with a £3,000 credit card loan from our parents, has now seen Bulk™ become one of the largest and fastest-growing active nutrition brands in the world. In 2021 alone, we will deliver over 10 million products to customers looking to support their health and fitness journey. And we’re only just getting started.

Now more than ever we believe that sport, health, fitness and nutrition are for everyone - no matter who you are, what you do, or how you do it. A healthy lifestyle is a process that never truly stops.

That’s why we’re committed to creating world-class nutrition for every step of your journey. This means delivering the highest-quality products; the most sustainably sourced packaging; and all combined with great taste.

We manufacture over 80% of Bulk™ products in our very own state of the art manufacturing facilities – so we know that we only produce the best. And our belief that transparency should always be at the very heart of our products still stands today.

Our knowledge and expertise are there to inspire and empower anyone to change for the better and be part of the Bulk™ community. We hope you’ll join us.

Elliot Dawes & Adam Rossiter
Founders of Bulk™


We want to be the sports and active nutrition brand for everyone.

Empowering athletes with unparalleled sports and performance supplements, and inspiring every person to create their own life-changing journey with the right nutrition and expertise.

Health and fitness is a process, and we want to be there every step of the way.

Making an impact, leading by example, setting benchmarks and improving the lives of our community and consumers for good.

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