What are BULK POINTS™?

BULK POINTS™ are our way of saying “thank you” for your custom. Quite simply – every time you shop with BULK POWDERS™ you accumulate BULK POINTS™ on your purchases. These points can either be redeemed as a discount against your next order, or, can be saved up over time so that your entire order is paid for using BULK POINTS™!

BULK POINTS™ membership

When you register as a customer with BULK POWDERS™, or if you are an existing registered customer, you will automatically have been given free membership to BULK POINTS™.

How to earn BULK POINTS™…

It’s really very simple! For every €1 you spend at BULK POWDERS™ (excluding shipping costs) you will earn 1 BULK POINTS™. The more you spend the more you earn!

You must be a registered customer and logged in to your account when placing your order. Points are then automatically calculated on your order value and added to your account.

To register with BULK POWDERS™ please click here.

How much are BULK POINTS™ worth?

Every point is worth €0.01, so if you spend €100.00 you will accumulate 100 BULK POINTS™, which is worth €1.00 in monetary value.

Where can I see my BULK POINTS™ balance?

In the My Account section you will see a link on the left of the page titled ‘BULK POINTS™’. Here you will be able to check your points balance and track exactly how you have spent and accumulated your BULK POINTS™.

How long are BULK POINTS™ valid for?

BULK POINTS™ are valid for 1 year (365 days). Any points earned but not used within this timeframe will be removed from your account.

Are there any restrictions on spending BULK POINTS™?

There are a couple of restrictions on how you can spend your points.

1)      You must always retain at least 1 BULK POINT within your account. For example, if you have 100 points, you can only use 99 of them towards a purchase, thus retaining a minimum point balance of 1 point.

2)      BULK POINTS™ can’t be redeemed against delivery costs.


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