Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps

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Lifting Straps

Lift beyond your limitations.

High quality, tough and durable, bulk™ Lifting Straps give you that extra lift you need to perform more reps and more sets – with heavier weights. 

Padded for comfort and to prevent any irritation caused by the straps pulling on your wrists, these Lifting Straps are perfect for a variety of pulling exercises such as deadlifts, rows and shrugs.

Available in a sleek black design with rubber badge branding, these Lifting Straps are used by Olympic lifters and casual gym-goers alike. Look no further than bulk™ to take your training sessions to the next level.

Also available in Premium: Premium Lifting Straps

  • High quality, tough and durable
  • Padded for comfort and to prevent irritation
  • Sleek black design with rubber badge branding
  • Perfect for pulling exercises such as deadlifts, rows and shrugs
  • Sold as a pair (2 per pack)


Are lifting straps worth it?

Weightlifting straps can be highly beneficial if you're lifting heavy. They offer additional support for your wrists and grip, which is especially helpful for pulling movements like heavy deadlifts and rows.

What do straps do for lifting?

Weight lifting straps provide several benefits, including wrist support, reduced grip fatigue, and protection from bar friction and rubbing.

When should I start using lifting straps?

The answer varies depending on your lifting experience and goals. As a general rule, it's best to wait a few months before incorporating lifting straps to allow your grip strength to develop. Once you feel comfortable lifting heavy weights, and your grip strength is fatigued towards the end of your sets, lifting straps can be a useful aid to consider.

Is it better to lift with or without straps?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. In general, it's recommended to train without straps until your grip strength is fatigued, and then use them towards the end of your sets. It's also important to note that lifting straps should not be used as a substitute for poor form or technique. You should continue to focus on improving your grip strength and form, even when using lifting straps.

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