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What are Diet Noodles?

If you’re trying to keep carbohydrate intake low, chances are your plate looks a little empty with just some protein and vegetables on it. Diet Noodles not only help to fill up your plate but they also help to fill you up! The difference is that unlike normal noodles/pasta, Diet Noodles contain only 0.5g carbohydrate with absolutely no fat whatsoever. They are fundamentally low calorie noodles made from Glucomannan (also referred to as Konjac), which is becoming increasingly popular.

Glucomannan (Konjac) is a form of water soluble fibre, which has been shown in research to contribute to weight loss. Glucomannan (3g per day) increases the feeling of fullness (satiety) and thus helps prevent unnecessary snacking by keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Amongst other things, Glucomannan (4g per day) has also been shown to contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Diet Noodles

  • Contributes to weight loss
  • Increases the feeling of satiety/fullness
  • Perfect supplement for those following an energy restricted diet
  • Helps prevent unnecessary snacking in between meals
  • Contributes to normal blood cholesterol levels
  • Taste free
  • Versatile product that can be added to soups or a stir fry

Why Buy Diet Noodles

Diet Noodles are an ideal low calorie addition to meals. Being rich in Glucomannan, Diet Noodles are ideal to help you feel full throughout the day. Diet Noodles also have the advantage of being lower in calories, and fat compared to regular noodles. 

Who are Diet Noodles suitable for?

Diet Noodles are ideal for anyone following an energy restricted diet, or those who want to lose a few lbs before a competition for example. They would also be a smart choice for anyone who is trying to manage their cholesterol levels as 4g per day contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. 


1. Drain away excess fluid and rinse 2-3 times. 2. Leave in hot water for 1 minute. 3. Drain (pat dry extra moisture with a paper towel). 4. Add to stir fry, soups and salads.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerated once opened and use within 3 days. Do not freeze.

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Diet Noodles Ingredients

Pure Konjac Flour, Water, Firming Agent (Calcium Hydroxide).

Diet Noodles Nutrition Information

Nutritionper 100g
Energy kJ/Kcal25/6
of which sugars

Suitable For

Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Soya Free.



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