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Joe Delaney

Online Personal Trainer & YouTuber


I'm just a guy trying to do what I enjoy doing and have fun. For now, that manifests in fitness and travel vlogs. I expect it will be the same for a long time to come too, because I feel like there's plenty more to do in these realms yet. Teaming up with BULK POWDERS® fits into my lifestyle perfectly. Liquid egg whites are life.

Date of Birth 20th September, 1990
Height 5'10
Weight 176lbs
Favourite Product Liquid Egg Whites

Joe is quickly building his reputation as the go-to YouTuber for all things fitness and travel. Joe has an enthusiasm for life and a serious passion for dates (the edible kind), building a fanbase like no other. Joe plans to continue 'doing bits' and seeing where the adventure takes him and we look forward to sharing the experience with him along the way.

Joe Delaney's Nutrition

Joe tends to focus his nutrition and supplementation around simple basics and convenience. His absolute favourite product is Liquid Egg Whites, he has this most days as a high protein breakfast. He'll also carry a Half Gallon Water Bottle with him when he trains containing BCAA and Creatine to ensure he remembers to drink more water and stay hydrated through the day. Aside from that, Joe is a big fan of the Active Foods™ range, especially products like our Zero Calorie Syrups and Nut Butters.


The ultimate convenient breakfast for me. I keep it fairly low carb early in the day so have scrambled egg whites in the morning. High protein, fast digesting etc. I go with the egg white flavour.

Liquid Egg Whites

Liquid Egg Whites

£17.99 SHOP NOW

Still torn between mixed berry and apple & lime. I put these in my shaker with creatine and take them to the gym to sip throughout my workout. Aside from anything else, it encourages me to drink more water whilst I train, which is massively beneficial in itself.

Instant BCAA

Instant BCAA

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Because pancakes!

Zero Calorie Syrup™

Zero Calorie Syrup™

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