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Complete BCAA Energy™ vs. Monster Energy® and Red Bull

Sometimes a cup of coffee just won’t cut it. Essay deadlines, early morning lectures, boring books you’ve got to read. Before you grab a can of energy drink, check out our review of Complete BCAA Energy™ to see how it stacks up.

We totally get it: even if your nutrition is great, there are plenty of times when you need an energy boost. Late nights and early mornings can take their toll. Maybe you need to stay awake and focus in lectures. Or perhaps you’ve got to get through a stack of tedious reading?

Your choice of energy drink won’t just affect how awake you feel. It will also have an impact on your budget, and on your gym performance too.

Complete BCAA Energy™ is a viable alternative to a cup of coffee or a can of Red Bull / Monster Energy® / Rock Star (etc). And here’s why it could actually be even better for you.

Complete BCAA Energy™ instead of coffee

Coffee is great, but it doesn’t actually give your body any nutrition. OK so it’s not detrimental either, but if you’re reaching for an energy boosting drink, why not make the most of the opportunity? Coffee falls short on this front.

Side effects of energy drink cans

Cans of energy drink like Red Bull and Monster Energy® work for some people, but they can be pretty harsh on your digestion and on your budget. They’re packed with sweeteners, vague levels of cheap energy boosting ingredients, and the fizzy nature of the drink can make you feel rough. And the cost of these cans quickly adds up!

Why use Complete BCAA Energy™ as an energy drink

We think Complete BCAA Energy™ is the smartest choice you can make. Here’s why:

  1. Store the pouch in your room and just make as much as you need every time.
  2. Tastes great, no fizz, very drinkable.
  3. Wakes you up and increases focus with natural Guarana and Green Coffee extract in clear amounts and effective doses (no half measures here!)
  4. 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine, enough for a boost but no jitters or crash.
  5. Ingredients which will actually help your gym performance and muscle building journey: 5g BCAAs per serving (in a 3:1:1 BCAA ratio which is even better than many BCAA drinks!), and 3g the amino acid l-glutamine.
  6. Cheaper than a can of energy drink or a coffee-shop Americano (from just 29p per drink!)


Why choose an energy drink which doesn’t add anything to your nutrition, or actually damages it? You could instead be drinking a formula specifically designed to boost energy and mental focus, whilst also actually supporting your muscles.

It’s a no-brainer.

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