• Marvellous Magnesium

    The benefits of supplementing with magnesium Magnesium is an essential mineral and recent research shows it may be of benefit in preventing metabolic syndrome. Magnesium is often used as part of a ZMA or testosterone boosting product; however, the benefits of Magnesium stretch far beyond this. Magnesium has been shown to be an essential mineral […]

  • Women’s Weight Loss & Protein Supplements

    Often weight loss and protein supplements are predominantly thought of as either male orientated or miracle supplements, and many women are put off taking them when considering a calorie controlled diet. It can be very beneficial for women to consume supplements, and there are no real reasons why women should be put off using it. […]

  • Losing Baby Weight After Pregnancy with BULK POWDERS™: The Final Results

    Lorraine’s BULK POWDERS™ 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge – The Final Results We’re checking in for the final time with Lorraine, mum of two and founder of For the last four weeks Lorraine has been taking part in her 30 day baby weight loss challenge. As a mum of two young children Lorraine knows […]

  • Losing Baby Weight After Pregnancy with BULK POWDERS™: Progress Update

    Lorraine’s BULK POWDERS™ 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge – 2 Week Update If you missed our first post published a couple of weeks ago, Lorraine, author of, has jumped on board the BULK POWDERS™ 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge to help lose baby weight post pregnancy. By using our Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 protein […]

  • Losing Baby Weight After Pregnancy With BULK POWDERS™

    Introducing the BULK POWDERS™ 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge It might not be something that the majority of our customers think about, but for women, having a baby is an experience that changes your body – and doesn’t always give it back. With celebrities who seem to lose baby weight as soon as they give […]

  • Glucomannan (Konjac)

    GLUCOMANNAN (KONJAC): One of our latest products online is Glucomannan, a fibre derived from the Konjac plant. We are selling it in powder form primarily to take for weight loss, although links to the maintenance of cholesterol and gut health have also been well documented. WHAT IS GLUCOMANNAN (KONJAC)? Glucomannan is a water soluble dietary […]

  • Why choose BULK POWDERS™ Liquid Egg Whites?

    The health benefits of liquid egg whites for protein   Liquid Egg Whites are one of the purest forms of protein you can buy and often seen as a fundamental part of the kitchen cupboard for bodybuilders, athletes and health-conscious individuals. They are high in protein whilst containing next to no carbohydrate or fat. Liquid […]

  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

    Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel or meat of fresh and matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. BULK POWDERS™ use the extra virgin grade oil which is obtained naturally and not leached, deodorised or refined, which leads to modification of the oil. What is Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil? BULK POWDERS™ Organic […]