Diet and Nutrition

  • Matt Argall – Food for thought

    Author Bio Matt Argall is a World Champion Natural Bodybuilder, having won his weight class at the 2013 UIBBN World Championship in Paris. Matt is also the reigning British Lightweight Champion, successfully defending the title he won in 2012 with the Natural Physique Association (a ‘natural for life’ organisation that drug tests with urinalysis and […]

  • Goji Berry

    BULK POWDERS™ have recently expanded its Active Foods™ range to include Dried Coconut, Dried Apricot, Dried Cranberries and Dried Goji Berries. This expansion of the Active Foods™ range has been well received as customers are always looking for nutritious food alternatives on the move. Goji Berries provide an expansive range of benefits with an impressive […]

  • Men’s Health V8 Challenge Supplements

    The Men’s Health V8 Challenge has started. If you’re unsure how and when to use the supplements in your bundle, take a look at the information below. Good luck! Basic Bundle INFORMED WHEY™ 2.27kg: Take 2 servings per day; ideally, 1 serving with breakfast and 1 serving post-training. INFORMED WHEY™ is a rapidly absorbed protein […]

  • 2013 Round up from BULK POWDERS™

    With the end of the year fast approaching we’ve taken a look back at what made the news in 2013. From shameless selfies to the controversy surrounding drugs in sport, 2013 has provided us with plenty to talk about. #gymselfie Whether you love them or hate them, it’s hard to deny that the selfie hasn’t […]

  • BULK POWDERS™ Christmas Wishlist

    It feels like buying original Christmas presents to give to friends and family seems to get harder and harder every year now… but luckily BULK POWDERS™ is here to help with gift ideas to give your loved ones the perfect fitness fix this Christmas. These Christmas gift ideas have been listed as gifts for him […]

  • BULK POWDERS™ Homemade Caramel Whey Protein Bars

    Making protein bars at home At BULK POWDERS™ we understand that December can be an expensive month. After Christmas shopping, socialising and seeing in the New Year in style, you may be left feeling that January will be a long month. So we have cooked up a recipe which will not only save you money, […]

  • Introducing BULK POWDERS™ Pro Series™

    For our Pro Series™ we went right back to basics. We asked ourselves what we would need to create the absolute best ingredients and optimal dosages. We simply wanted to set the benchmark and create genuine world class products. A big claim. And one we are proud to stand by. With BULK POWDERS™ new Pro […]

  • Broscience Part #3: ‘Do You Even Run, Bro?’

    It’s back: Broscience. Guaranteed to get you talking whether you sit in the broscience or proscience camps. Sports and nutrition can be a minefield of myths so we’ve looked at some of the broscience myths most commonly heard in the gym and put some proscience behind them. If you’re new to our Broscience series, take […]

  • Matt Argall becomes World Champion!

    On Saturday 16th November, Matt Argall followed up his recent win at the NPA British Championships with a win at the UIBBN World Championships in Paris. Matt travelled to Paris full of confidence, after successfully defending his NPA British Lightweight title. The NPA is a lifetime drug free federation – tested by urinalysis as well […]

  • Sports Supplements and the Armed Forces

    The headline reads “18 Soldiers Dismissed Over Sports Drugs”. For the soldiers involved, 7 Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, it is a personal disaster. Unless the army is prepared to reveal exactly what it is these soldiers were taking, it’s a professional disaster. Talking vaguely about “supplements” really doesn’t help anyone. We know that a […]