Diet and Nutrition

  • Using supplements to improve endurance

    Supplements for endurance athletes BULK POWDERS™ recognise that endurance athletes can benefit from supplements just as much as strength athletes and bodybuilders. Our range of products that are suitable for endurance athletes was of great interest to one of our latest product ambassadors, Team Swift Cycling. Carbohydrates have been long recognised as a beneficial supplement […]

  • Marvellous Magnesium

    The benefits of supplementing with magnesium Magnesium is an essential mineral and recent research shows it may be of benefit in preventing metabolic syndrome. Magnesium is often used as part of a ZMA or testosterone boosting product; however, the benefits of Magnesium stretch far beyond this. Magnesium has been shown to be an essential mineral […]

  • Women’s Weight Loss & Protein Supplements

    Often weight loss and protein supplements are predominantly thought of as either male orientated or miracle supplements, and many women are put off taking them when considering a calorie controlled diet. It can be very beneficial for women to consume supplements, and there are no real reasons why women should be put off using it. […]

  • New Flavours | Old Flavours

    Not surprisingly our marketing team like to make a big noise about the introduction of new flavours.  We’ve seen massive interest around the new whey flavours such as Peaches & Cream or Chocolate Peanut.  But we’ve not just been working on new flavours – we’ve also been working on our old standards. Why change? As […]

  • Leucine

    Over recent years, the Branched Chain Amino Acid, Leucine has received more attention than most other sports supplements. Leucine is an Essential Amino Acid; that means, unlike Non Essential Amino Acids, Leucine can’t be produced in the body and must be ingested through the diet. This is one reason why supplementing with Leucine has become […]

  • Creatine in Pre-Workouts Supplements?

    The benefits of using Creatine Should Creatine be taken pre or post training? Creatine is one of the most popular supplements available – there are countless research studies demonstrating the ergogenic benefits of Creatine. Increases in strength and muscle size are commonly seen. More recently, the role of Creatine for neurological function has been investigated. […]

  • Losing Baby Weight After Pregnancy with BULK POWDERS™: The Final Results

    Lorraine’s BULK POWDERS™ 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge – The Final Results We’re checking in for the final time with Lorraine, mum of two and founder of For the last four weeks Lorraine has been taking part in her 30 day baby weight loss challenge. As a mum of two young children Lorraine knows […]

  • The Holy Grail: Big Yet Lean

    For many, the holy grail of physique development is achieving a big and lean physique. The big meaning a good level of muscular development and the lean, low levels of body fat. While this sounds simple on paper, few achieve this ideal combination. Many people that are considered big have higher than desirable levels of […]

  • What is Complete Intra-Workout™

    Complete Intra-Workout™ So, you already have your Pre-Workout and Post-Workout sorted but the question is, what are you doing about your Intra-Workout? Most people will take a pre and post-workout supplements to aid their training and recovery, but it seems there is vagueness around what to take during your workout to increase protein synthesis, enhance […]

  • Broscience Part #2: Creatine and protein supplement myths

    It’s back. Broscience. Guaranteed to get you talking – whether in agreement or otherwise, broscience is a minefield of controversy. So we’ve decided to weigh in, be your ‘big bro’ if you like, and put some pro science behind those broscience myths highlighted in Part #1 of our broscience series. This week we’re tackling creatine […]