Ingredient Sprinkling

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Sprinkle: To scatter (liquid, powder, etc) in tiny particles or droplets over (something).

When you think of sprinkling, you may think of sprinkling sugar on cereal or a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands over a cake. Both of those sound pretty appealing! How about a sprinkling of Beta Alanine in your pre-workout drink or a sprinkle of Raspberry Ketones in your fat burner? All of a sudden, a sprinkle doesn’t sound so good!

Unfortunately, if your sports nutrition products don’t list the quantities of all the active ingredients, all you may be getting is a light scattering of tiny particles – not research proven dosages. Now, I’m sure we’ve heard it all before from Company X, Y and Z: ‘the exact formula details are confidential, so we use a proprietary blend.’ On the face of it, that seems pretty reasonable. However, there may be a little more to it.

Taking BCAA as an example, they are often included in a proprietary blend with other ingredients such as carbohydrate, AAKG and Beta Alanine. BCAA are an expensive, but effective inclusion in many pre/intra workout formulas. If a company has paid big bucks to have 10g BCAA in a formula, chances are, they are not going to mask that in proprietary blend, they’re going to shout about it! You would only mask what you don’t want people to know (i.e. an insignificant dose of BCAA). Below is a fictional example of how it may look:

Superduperbloodflowperformancegetmemassivematrix: 6g (Branched Chain Amino Acids; Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate; Creatine Monohydrate; Beta Alanine).

While on the surface that looks a solid pre-workout profile, take a look in more detail. There is only 6g split between 4 ingredients. You’d expect 3g AAKG, 3-5g Creatine, 1.5g+ Beta Alanine, etc. Clearly, that doesn’t add up and some of those ingredients would have been sprinkled to make a label claim.

At BULK POWDERS™, we believe in being completely up front. We detail the exact quantity of all our active ingredients, and you won’t find us hiding behind proprietary blends. The reason? We feel that our formulas are industry leading and all are appropriately dosed. This is a sports nutrition company, not a bakery – sprinkling is not appropriate!

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