Meet the Bulk™ Ambassadors – Georgia Grant


Birthday13th October 1994
Height5ft 4in/163cm
Weight 137lb/62kg


The essentials

Georgia is an online coach and a passionate advocate of body positivity. She was a young gymnast/trampolinist for 10 years before going on to compete internationally in cheerleading. Her time in aesthetic sports made her very aware of the huge pressures towards body image and the negative effects it can have on mental and physical health. She struggled with disordered eating. 

As a result, she became fascinated in the psychology behind body image and how to take a healthy approach to improving it. She studied sport science at university and wrote her dissertation on understanding body image and disordered eating in gymnasts. Georgia went on to achieve her personal training and nutrition coaching qualifications. She now helps as many people as possible find the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.

In a day

A typical day starts with a dog walk, followed by some mindfulness and journaling. After checking in with her clients, she’ll go for a midday gym session, followed by an afternoon of work. This can involve developing new programs, content planning or initiatives to support her clients. Evenings are generally spent winding down. Georgia loves to read.

In a week

Georgia spends four days a week strength training – two leg days, one push day and one pull day. She’ll then mix things up with some yoga or cardio, but there’s no set structure. She also aims to achieve 8-10k steps each day. Her recovery is super important, due to her under-active thyroid, so she has to be careful not to overdo it.

Top 3 Bulk™ picks 

Georgia couldn’t pick just three, and who are we to disagree? She’s obsessed with peanut butter, and is a huge fan of our Crunchy Peanut Butter and Coconut Peanut Butter.  She also takes Vitamin D3 Tablets every morning, as she is slightly deficient. And she couldn’t be without Dried Goji Berries, Dried Cranberries and Dried Coconut for her yoghurt bowls. Oh, and she loves a drop of LiquiFlav™ Vanilla in her coffee.

See a full list of of Georgia Grant’s favourite products here.

Super stats

Hip Thrust160kg


Career highlights

There have been so many milestones within Georgia’s career that she just couldn’t have imagined. But becoming an online coach has been the pinnacle.

Choose one meal

Peanut butter and jam bagels. And noodles. And barbecue sauce. Not all together (we don’t think).

Georgia’s hero

“So many people have had an impact on me, but my mum is my biggest inspiration, She is the strongest lady I know. Growing up, she taught me that a woman can do anything. She inspired me to be whoever I wanted to be.”





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