Peak Week – The art of peaking for world level boxing

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BULK POWDERS™ ambassador James DeGale fights this weekend (8th June 2013) live on Channel 5. DeGale is defending his WBC Silver Belt against Stjepan Bozic from Croatia. Bozic is no stranger to world level, having previously fought for the WBA Super Middleweight Title. Bozic has an impressive record of 26 wins from 32 fights, including 17 wins by KO.

For DeGale, the week before a fight is all about comfortably making the weight and ensuring the body and mind are ready for a potentially hard 12 rounds of action. The hard graft has been put in for weeks before the fight, with countless technical, conditioning and sparring sessions.

Making weight tends to be the primary concern of a boxer in the lead up to a fight. It’s a delicate balance between not leaving it too late and not peaking too early.  As cheesy as it sounds, DeGale is a consummate professional; he knows exactly what weight he needs to be at certain checkpoints and he is always at the appropriate weight. This ensures that there is no need for a dramatic cutting of weight; trying to lose a lot of weight very quickly is not only detrimental to performance but also potentially damaging to a boxer’s health. DeGale’s nutritionist for the last two years, BULK POWDERS™ Product Director Simon Jurkiw, said “James is a pleasure to work with as he’s so diligent. He’s never out of shape and he’s not a boxer that struggles to make weight – he’s a natural Super Middleweight.”

The British Boxing Board of Control is very stringent with regard to safety, and DeGale has several formal check weigh ins to ensure that weight loss is progressive and safe. The last of these is the week before the fight. DeGale’s was on Tuesday 4th June, which he sailed through with no problem. These check weigh ins aren’t just a formality – if a fighter is too heavy, then the fight doesn’t go ahead as it would be potentially unsafe to cut weight.

The remainder of the week after the check-weigh in will be spent ticking over – some light pad work to keep active would be the extent of it.

Friday is the day of the official weigh-in. The Super Middleweight limit is 12 stone (168lbs or 76.2kg). DeGale’s aim will to weigh in as close to the limit as possible. After the weigh-in, and any media commitments for Channel 5/Boxing Magazines/etc, it’s time for DeGale to eat. He needs to ensure that his body has adequate fuel to maintain a high work-rate for 12 x 3 minute rounds. Complete Hydration Drink is an ideal choice for after the weigh-in, as it contains fluid, electrolytes and different sources of carbohydrate (2 of which are absorbed via different pathways in the body). DeGale will use Complete Hydration Drink several times throughout the course of Friday and prior to the fight on Saturday.

By the time Saturday night comes around, DeGale will be rested, refuelled and raring to show the packed crowd at Glow, Bluewater and the seven figure audience on Channel 5 what he can do. Good luck James from all at BULK POWDERS™!

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