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  • Do Cheat Meals Work?

    So, the old saying ‘cheat’s never prosper’ was something drummed into most of us when we were kids, but a cheat meal?? All just Broscience, right? Let’s look at what that actually means….. The name is probably a bit less dramatic than we initially inferred – but what is it? A cheat meal is often […]

  • Your favourite cheat meal – the results!

    Last month we asked for your favourite cheat meal in a quick poll. The results are in! The survey went much further afield than we were expecting and we received results from 28 different countries around the world – from the the USA to New Zealand. Voters could select up to three options, made as granular […]

  • Will cheat meals destroy your gains?

    Getting strict with nutrition can start small (getting your recommended amount of protein per day) and end up pretty hardcore (‘clean’ foods only) – if you are aiming to maximise your strength, cut fat without cutting muscle or cut fat whilst gaining muscle, then you’ll probably already be aware that every calorie counts. The problem […]