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      CUTTING EDGE™ PROTEIN is a powdered mix containing over 24g protein per serving with a host of other active ingredients. CUTTING EDGE™ PROTEIN includes a unique blend of the Cinnamon Extract, Choline Bitartrate, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s), Green Coffee Extract and Glucomannan. When you’re looking to purchase a diet protein supplement, it is important […]

  • Complete Diet Protein™ ADVANCED vs. PhD Diet Whey

    When choosing a Diet Protein Shake, your first question will probably be – is it suitable for women? Or is it suitable for men? The good news is, it’s suitable for BOTH! Protein for women doesn’t exist, protein is protein. Ours is sourced from Europe’s leading dairy, derived from grass fed cows. Once we receive […]

  • 3 Supplements to Help Support Your Weight Loss Goals

    Unfortunately, despite what some sports nutrition companies will have you believe, there is no magic pill or silver bullet for weight loss. The success of your weight loss journey will ultimately be determined by your commitment to change, and your discipline to stick to a healthier lifestyle – whether that’s being more active, eating better […]