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  • Deadlifting for Beginners | What you need to know

      The number of individuals who have started incorporating deadlifts in their workout routines has increased exponentially in the last couple of years. These individuals range in all sizes, shapes and strengths. So the questions people are asking are: why is everyone doing it? How do I do it correctly? How can I vary my […]

  • 3 Female-Focused Exercises For Strong Legs And Glutes

      Bodypart Of The Year Award (2017) goes to…. glutes! Everyone wants round glutes and strong legs. We picked three must-do exercises to achieve that look. 1) Sumo Squat Like all kinds of squat, a sumo squat is a compound exercise which targets more than one muscle group. It will mostly hit your glutes, hamstrings, […]

  • 5 Training Options to Build Big Quads

      As a rugby player, growing up, my training incorporated multi-joint strength building movement patterns, such as: squats, hack squats, leg press and deadlifts. Why? Because when you do exercises like leg extensions you recruit your muscles outside of a normal movement pattern, a movement pattern which has no bearing on the sport of rugby […]