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  • Antioxidants | How Can They Benefit Me?

      The word antioxidant has become a bit of a buzz word in the world of health and fitness. Many products or foods are touted as being high in antioxidants, but what exactly are antioxidants? How important are they? Where are they found? And do they live up to the hype? What Are Antioxidants? As […]

  • 8 Natural Sleep Aids for a Great Sleep

      Sleep is a precious commodity these days. Trying to balance a 40+ hour working week with eating, training, meal prep, talking to your family, looking at memes, having a social life and getting 8 hours of sleep a night is a tough one. As a result, sleep often ends up being the thing that […]

  • Boost your Potential by Mastering Recovery

    Everyone wants to get stronger and bigger in a short space of time. The logical thing to do here seems to be simple; train more. Usually when we want to progress in something, we practise as often as possible. Practise makes perfect, right? Maybe, but overdoing it may be your biggest downfall when it comes […]

  • The Athlete’s A-Game

    What is an athlete? If Rio 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that an athlete is an individual proficient in their field – the very best of which being world class. The word itself comes from ‘Athelin’ – Greek for ‘compete for a prize’. Competition is defined as, ‘the activity or condition of striving to […]