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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Sports Nutrition

      So, you’re new to supplements, but you’ve seen others using them in the gym and are keen to obtain the same benefits as others. Where do you begin? We completely understand that the wide range of products on offer such as pre-workouts, post-workouts; whey protein, soya protein; vitamins and minerals can be very confusing. […]

  • Supplements to Fit Your Training Schedule

    In a previous blog post (A beginner’s guide to nutrient timing) we looked at the benefits of consuming certain nutrients around the workout, taking advantage of certain nutrients pre/intra/post exercise, in order to provide an overall benefit. Nutrient timing can also be used to your advantage depending on what time of day you train. Training […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Nutrient Timing

    It is often seen as a controversial topic of conversation to suggest eating nutrients at one specific time has a “better” effect than at another. All in all, the total daily diet will largely determine how successful you recover and grow. However that doesn’t mean to say that nutrient timing doesn’t have its place in […]