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  • Oats: Nutrition, Benefits & Bodybuilding

      Everything you need to know about oats! Oats nutrition Oats and oatmeal are a staple part of every healthy muscle-gain diet. But what makes them such a perfect healthy food? Are oats gluten free? Yes, oats themselves are free from gluten in their raw natural form. But they can often be processed and packaged […]

  • Prebiotics | Health From The Inside Out

      Gut health is a fashionable topic lately. With everything from leaky gut to craving control being up for grabs, it seems like there’s a new benefit to gut healing every month. Prebiotics have shouldered some of the spotlight in gut health. They’re resistant compounds that aren’t digested but provide a positive environment for microorganisms […]

  • 25 Great Food Sources of Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy and are stored in the body as glycogen – both in the liver and more importantly, in the muscles. Whether you need a slow digesting carbohydrate such as ultra fine Scottish oats, or a fast absorbing carbohydrate such as dextrose for post-workout recovery, make sure you’ve got enough fuel to perform […]

  • What Makes a Good Breakfast?

      It’s sometimes quite surprising, when you talk to people at school, college or work, to find out just how many people skip breakfast on a regular basis. In January 2017, a survey run by The Express newspaper revealed that a staggering 50% of Britons claim that they do not have time to eat breakfast […]

  • Why You Should Be Using Instant Oats

      When it comes to sports nutrition, for many years carbohydrates were seen as the enemy to achieving a lean, toned and muscular physique. In recent years this myth has been dispelled, as carbohydrates are in fact a very important, and vital macronutrient for achieving your training goals. However, there are some carbohydrates that can […]