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  • Zesty Orange & Blackberry Protein Pancakes Recipe

    The Beltsander is back with another of his classic recipes but this time substituting Coconut Flour for Peanut Flour. The result? Amazing soft, fluffy, zesty protein pancakes (adding orange zest – genius!) Top with blackberries and our sugar free syrup for a taste sensation. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch or as an after dinner treat. Method: […]

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Cupcakes Recipe

    The Beltsander got our Peanut Flour a few weeks ago and his wife hasn’t seen him since. Rumour has it he’s fallen in love with said peanut flour and can’t bear the thought of spending time away from it. In the words of the man himself (well we think he’s a man but given his […]