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  • Personalise Your Post Workout Supplementation

      In the few hours after a workout our bodies are in a unique state from which we can benefit from targeted nutrition specific to your goals. From both a recovery and muscle building perspective, as we exercise two important things happen. Firstly, we break down muscle tissue that needs to be repaired and secondly […]

  • What, when, and how much to eat post-workout?

      There are many different theories about what is best to eat in the post-workout window. The truth is, however, that the amount and type of each macronutrient we eat after training will depend on several factors such as our physique goals, how long until we next exercise and the type and volume of training […]

  • Maximising Recovery: Applying The Three R’s

    Anyone taking part in physical activity is more than likely familiar with the importance that nutrition has on recovery and performance. Whether or not it is being optimised after training and between sessions is another question though and many people often fall short on getting their post workout nutrition right. As well as this, the […]

  • Get To Know Your Carbohydrates | What, How, When?

    Poor old carbs. They’ve been loved, hated, vilified and chopped right out of some people’s diets. What’s the truth about carbs? Find out here. You already know that carbs are one of the three macronutrients (the other two being protein and fats). Think carbs and you probably think about bread, pasta, breakfast cereal. But delve […]

  • Vitargo®: A Post Workout Colossus

    Post Workout Nutrition Post workout nutrition is often considered the Holy Grail; the best time to refuel for optimum nutrient delivery and recovery. You only have to take a look around your gym or sports club as people are finishing their sessions to notice. The treadmill has bearly stopped revolving, and the weight plates are […]