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  • Vegan Protein Chocolate Oat Bar Recipe

      A deliciously simple protein recipe – a Vegan Protein Chocolate Oat Bar. Perfect for snacking. INSTRUCTIONS 1.) In a bowl, mix together the peanut butter and syrup until combined. 2.) Microwave on medium heat for 30 seconds to gently warm it slightly. 3.) Stir in the cocoa, oats and protein powder until a ball is formed – […]

  • Coconut Protein Cake Recipe

      Delicious Gluten Free Coconut Protein Cake that’s high in protein, low in fat, sugar free, and can be dairy-free (if vegan protein is used). Free of a lot but full of taste! (how cheesy does that sound?) INSTRUCTIONS 1.) Preheat the oven to 350F/180C and line two 7.5” (or 8”) cake pans with parchment paper and […]

  • Valentines Protein Peanut Butter Hearts Recipe

      Love is… Protein, Chocolate and Nut Butter – what better combination! This Protein Peanut Butter Hearts Recipe is quick and easy and sure to impress more than your average box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day. INSTRUCTIONS: Melt the chocolate and coconut oil on a low heat until combined. Spoon enough of the mixture to […]

  • Valentines Strawberry Protein Truffles Recipe

      Here’s something you’re bound to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day. Whether you need a last minute present for your loved one, or just fancy treating yourself, our Strawberry Protein Truffles by Healthy Twenties are the perfect way to get that heart fluttering! INSTRUCTIONS: 1. In a bowl, combine the protein powder and coconut […]

  • Protein Rocky Road Recipe

    Natalie, from Fit & Gluten Free, has been busy in the kitchen creating this delightful Protein Rocky Road Recipe. What’s more impressive is that Natalie did all this while studying for her PT exams. We’re pleased to say that amongst all the Cacao Powder and Whey Protein, Natalie went on to ace her exams and […]

  • High Protein Sugar-Free Banoffee Pie Recipe

    Natalie, from Fit & Gluten Free, received some of our popular banana flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ and the first recipe idea that popped into her head was a Banoffee Pie. But not just any Banoffee Pie. This one is pretty special. It’s gluten-free (obviously), free from refined sugars, full of good fats, has good fibre […]

  • Protein Ginger Nuts Recipe

    Some say he is the lovechild of Superman and Mystique, with the power to heat up milk with his eyes, or morph into the shape of a cat, at will. Others believe he was the first person to escape from Alcatraz, swimming the entire distance back to the shore of San Francisco underwater…on a single […]

  • Baileys Protein Yule Log Recipe

    Some people say that he once saved the real Santa Claus from the evil clutches of Krampus. Others believe it is actually him, and not Saint Nick, who single-handedly makes and delivers toys each year, ensuring that every child in the world has a gift on Christmas morn. All we know is, he’s called The […]