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  • How to Enjoy Christmas without Undoing your Hard Work

      It seems like an inevitable part of our Christmas festivities that we are going to pile on a few unwanted pounds; after all we’re constantly surrounded by delicious food and drink. The ‘easy’ thing to do when talking about staying in good shape at Christmas is to talk about things like eating in moderation […]

  • Protein Snacks – Deliciously Convenient Ways To Hit Your Protein Goals

      Even if you’re a master at meal prep, snacks can leave you lost. Don’t second-guess snack-time – we’ve done the hard work for you! Why Choose Ready-Made Protein Snacks? Let’s face it, most commercial snacks that you can grab on the go are high in carbs and woefully short on protein. They’re often sugary, […]

  • Sugar Swaps

      Do you want to cut down on your sugar intake in 2018? It’s easier than ever to make healthy changes to your diet. How Can Sugar Lead To Weight Gain? Sugar takes many forms (including fructose, lactose, and sucrose), but all types of sugar are pure carbohydrates. As such, it’s a very valuable source […]

  • Peppermint Thins Recipe

    Summary: This is a great recipe if you have a sweet tooth and need to watch your calorie intake. Snack on these peppermint thins guilt free at less than 21 calories per piece. If you like minty chocolates, you’ll love these. Instructions: 1.) Melt your coconut oil, then whisk in the rest of your ingredients. […]