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  • How to Stop Your Hip Pinching When Squatting

    3 Exercises to Stop Your Hip Pinching Whilst Squatting “I can’t squat because I get a pinch in the front of my hip” is a common complaint I hear from people frustrated that they are no longer able to squat as deep or as comfortably as they once did. There is a common belief pinching […]

  • Squat Your Way to Success

      Everyone squats, from beginners to pros and powerlifters. Here’s how to make squats work for you. There’s a reason you’ll find squats in any solid training programme. They build strength, muscle mass, power, and can even help you burn more body fat. Squats shape your quads, build your glutes, and beef up your hamstrings. […]

  • Accessory Exercises for Stronger Compound Lifts

      With such diversity in the ever-growing land of fitness, it’s clear everybody has different goals. Some people want legs that could crack coconuts (yes, someone has said this to me) while some want to be fast enough to catch the train we almost always nearly miss – we all have our own goals. However […]

  • How To Squat Correctly | Stephen Manuel

      BULK POWDERS® athlete and GB Powerlifter Stephen Manuel shows us how to squat correctly with some tips and demonstration for beginners. Being an IPF Powerlifter, the rules state that the crease of the hip should go below the knee. Stephen believes you don’t always have to go this low if you’re not a powerlifter […]