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  • The most scientifically-backed supplements on the market

      One of the big marketing ploys for many supplements is to suggest that they are ‘clinically researched’, contain ‘clinically researched doses’ or have been scientifically ‘proven’ to be effective. The truth is something may have been clinically researched, but that doesn’t mean that research showed it had any effect. The supplement in question may […]

  • Vitamin D3 | Benefits of Supplementation

      What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is popularly known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’. It is one of the essential fat-soluble vitamins along with vitamins A, E and K. As you probably already know, the human body is able to produce vitamin D3 when skin is exposed to sunlight. For this reason, getting enough vitamin […]

  • Vitamin D and All-Cause Mortality

    It is well known that Vitamin D deficiency is very common, due to a lack of exposure to sunlight and an insufficient consumption of Vitamin D in the diet. Whilst this is well known, the effects of Vitamin D deficiency are not as well known, with a number of conflicting results from existing research projects […]

  • Vitamin D and Muscle Damage

    The benefits of Vitamin D are gaining some notoriety – more people are aware than Vitamin D deficiency is common and of the critical role Vitamin D plays in bone health. However, Vitamin D has a whole host of benefits. A recent study on Rats found that Vitamin D may reduce muscle damage and inflammation. […]