What is Protein Coffee? Benefits & Uses

In the UK, we now drink approximately 98 million cups of coffee per day*. Every morning, literally millions of us start the day with a hot, steaming coffee, whether it’s from the kettle, cafetière or coffee shop. For many of us, coffee is a non-negotiable remedy for slow mornings and long afternoons. We need it. We drink it. We love it.

Within these millions of coffee drinkers, there are a fair few passionate and regular gym-goers. Those of us who care about things like macronutrients, muscle maintenance and all the positives a high-protein diet can bring. Well, what if we told you there was a way you could enjoy the beautiful benefits of coffee, while also contributing to your fitness goals? That would be amazing, right?

Allow us to introduce Collagen Coffee – a high-protein coffee drink with 18g protein per serving. Just as good as the smooth, refreshing coffee aroma you’re used to, it’s the perfect caffeine kick for coffee lovers and training fanatics alike.

*According to stats from the British Coffee Association.

Is there such a thing as protein coffee?

We’ve heard of people adding whey protein into their coffees before, and we’ll hear it again. But the powdery, clumpy drink you end up with? It’s not ideal.

Collagen Coffee (or protein coffee) is a specialised product that has been made using collagen protein. It’s easy to mix, tasty and has all the familiar taste and grouch-removing qualities as a regular cup of instant coffee, just with an extra 18g punch of protein.

What is collagen coffee?

Collagen coffee is exactly what it sounds like – coffee with added collagen protein. Unlike dairy-based proteins, collagen is made up of hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine amino acids, which work a lot better in hot drink formulas and dissolve super easily, making collagen and coffee the perfect match.

Collagen coffee uses hydrolysed collagen peptides composed of type 1 and type 3 collagen, which have a neutral flavour and blend well at both high and low temperatures for easy mixing and easy drinking. 

Benefits of high protein coffee

The average person in the UK drinks two coffees per day containing minimal to no protein. If you replaced regular instant coffee with Collagen Coffee, then you’d be getting an extra 36g protein per day without any extra effort. That’s over 250g extra per week. Easy.

A high-protein diet contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and also plays a key role in other functions in the body. However, the human body isn’t great at storing it, so regular and adequate consumption through diet is essential. 

Using protein-rich alternatives like Collagen Coffee allows you to rest easy knowing that you are consuming enough to support your fitness goals. And all you need to do is enjoy a smooth cup of coffee. That’s a pretty sweet deal, if you ask us. 

Key Benefits

  • 18g protein per serving
  • Easy-mixing protein
  • Delicious coffee taste
  • Types 1 and 3 collagen
  • Same familiar caffeine boost


How is protein coffee made?

Protein coffee is made by blending bovine collagen powder with freeze-dried or spray-dried coffee. It’s that simple. 

Unlike dairy-based proteins, collagen is made up of hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine amino acids which dissolve a lot more easily in hot water. For this reason, it’s the chosen protein source in collagen coffee rather than something like whey protein, which does not mix well with hot water.

How does protein coffee taste?

As mentioned above, Collagen Coffee really doesn’t taste any different to a regular instant coffee. Customise the taste as you would with any coffee by adding your choice of milk, sugar or sweetener as desired. Why not try a Zero Calorie Barista Syrup to mix things up? 

And for the summer months? Collagen Iced Latte is the perfect protein coffee option. With spray-dried coffee, it mixes like a dream and contains skimmed milk powder to give that classic latte taste we all know and love. 

Can you put protein powder in coffee?

This is a common question. Technically you can, but it takes a long time to blend the powder and even then, there is a big chance you’ll end up with a lumpy, unsatisfactory drink. Not the vibe.

Whey protein doesn’t mix easily with boiling water due to its amino acid structure. Collagen Coffee, however, is a simple and convenient way to get a nice protein-filled coffee. Simply scoop the powder into a mug, add boiling water (for black coffee and mocha flavours), stir gently and voilà: smooth, delicious protein filled coffee.

Where can you buy protein coffee?

Protein coffee is a must-have if you’re a coffee drinker who takes their training seriously. Getting the smooth, satisfying taste of coffee with the added benefit of protein is an easy and convenient way to increase your protein intake. It’s a no-brainer for fitness lovers who drink coffee. So try it out.

Collagen Coffee Black

A classic flavour for classy people. Add some milk to create a creamy flat white.

Collagen Coffee Mocha

For the more sweet-toothed amongst us, Mocha provides the same caffeine kick with a delicious chocolatey base for a rich sweet treat.

Collagen Coffee Iced Latte

Then there’s our Iced Latte flavour, which is perfect for those summer months when you want your protein fuel to be ice cool. Just add your water and powder into a shaker bottle, shake and drink. Add some ice for that refreshing summer vibe.

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