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Vitamin B Supplements

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Vitamin B comprises over half of the vitamins that our bodies require to function – so a Vitamin B deficiency can be quite debilitating and often manifests through physical symptoms such as tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin B contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, which makes it a perfect go-to supplement for anyone looking to improve their energy levels. 

Vegetarians and vegans in particular, can struggle to consume adequate Vitamin B through their diet, so supplementation is often recommended – particularly as Vitamin B is involved in a range of bodily processes – ranging from the formation of red blood cells to the function of the nervous system. 

Bulk™ stocks a wide range of the highest quality and potency Vitamin B supplements – from our fully-comprehensive B Vitamin Complex formula, which contains all eight B Vitamins, plus Choline, PABA and Inositol – to individual B Vitamins such as Vitamin B5 Powder or Vitamin B12 Tablets.

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Vitamin B FAQ'S

B vitamins play a key role in maintaining positive health and wellbeing. Being the building blocks of a healthy body, B complex vitamins contribute to the normal energy yielding metabolism, cognitive function, as well as nervous system function.

Yes. We advise taking 1 tablet per day of our B Vitamin Complex Tablets, ideally with food.

The main difference between B12 and B complex is that B12 is just one of the eight B vitamins that make up the B complex. Whichever one you choose to take would largely depend on your intended use, but both are good options for topping up either your B12 levels and/or your B-vitamins as a whole.

Our High Strength Vitamin B12 tablets are ideal for anyone looking to boost their B12 intake, providing 40,000% of your reference intake. Though, if you’re looking to cover all bases when it comes to B Vitamins, our B Vitamin Complex Tablets are our top pick.


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