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Protein Blends are simply a combination of protein sources, and are also referred to as multi-source proteins. As opposed to using a single protein source to meet your protein requirements, Protein Blends contain a range of proteins, all of which have varying amino acid profiles. 

Recent research suggests that Protein Blends are in fact superior to using Whey Protein as a standalone protein source. This is not to say, however, that there is not a place for both. Rapidly digesting protein sources such as Whey Protein are perfect for consumption before after exercise – and are viewed as superior to a Protein Blend to this extent. That said, multi-source Protein Blends are the optimal choice for at other times of day; such as between meals or before bed, where they provide a slower, more steady supply of protein to the muscles. 

Bulk™ manufactures a range of Protein Blends – all of which have been expert formulated and contain only the highest quality and most bioavilable protein sources such as Whey, Milk and Egg.

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  1. Protein Pancake Mix

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  4. Complete Protein Blend™

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