Protein Powder


Bulk™ offer one of Ireland's leading ranges of protein supplements, including shakes, zero calorie foods, peanut butter and more.Our range is suitable for virtually all dietary requirements, so whether you're vegan or paleo, you're guaranteed to find it here.

Protein is the building block of muscle, but it's truly a lot more than that. Our skin, hair, nails, immune system and digestive system all rely on it, to name a few. However, the human body isn't great at storing it, so regular consumption is essential. That's why it's best to stock up and have a readily available supply.

Protein FAQS

What are protein supplements?
Protein supplements are designed to be taken in addition to the food in your diet to support your daily protein intake. They come in many forms including protein shakes, bars. You might want to consider a protein supplement to meet your training needs, or if your dietary protein intake is too low.
What are the benefits of taking protein powder?
Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps to build muscle, repair muscle tissue. An expertly formulated protein powder will make sure you’re getting the right amount of protein to support your goals. If you’re training hard, protein powder can help build and maintain your muscle mass, as well as having a heap of other health benefits.
What different protein products are available at Bulk™?
Here at Bulk™, we aim to change the nutrition game with world-class products including all types of protein supplements - think protein powders, shakes, snack bars and much more. Our protein range is so broad you can find a suitable supplement for all dietary requirements. We’ve got your back with vegan and paleo varieties.
Why is protein important?
Protein is famous for its role as the main building block for muscles. However, its functions don’t end there. All cells and tissue contain protein, including our hair, nails, skin and bones.
How much protein do I need?
It depends on two key factors: your workout habits (think intensity, frequency, etc.) and your body weight. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, adults leading a basic healthy lifestyle should consume an average of 0.6g of protein per kilogram body weight per day. That value can shift depending on the intensity of your workouts.
When is the best time to take protein powder?
Protein can be taken at any time of day. Whilst it's extremely popular to have a shake before and/or after a workout. You can use it throughout the day to supplement your protein intake.
How many protein shakes can you take in a day?
It’s easy to get your dosages mixed up. We recommend you consume 1-3 protein shakes per day. What will allow you to accurately choose how often you should have a protein shake are your training frequency and intensity. Your body needs replenishment after physical effort, so keep that in mind.
What does protein powder taste like?
Our protein powders come in a huge variety of flavours to suit your preferences. Some protein powders might taste a bit different depending on their source - for example, whey protein powder might have a slightly different taste to a vegan protein powder. Rest assured we’ve formulated all of our products to taste great, whatever your preference.
How do protein shakes work?
Protein shakes are a great way of supplementing your protein intake in a quick and easy shake. Simply mix your protein powder with a liquid, such as water or milk, then drink! Your body will digest and absorb the protein in the shake and use it to support muscle growth and repair.