Gym Clothing


Yes, Bulk™ is a nutrition brand, but that’s not to say we don’t know a thing or two about gym clothing and workout gear.

In fact, the majority of #teambulk are avid gym-goers, so we know what makes a great hoodie, t-shirt or pair of joggers.

And whilst our range might be smaller than dedicated gym clothing brands, we like to think it’s representative of quality not quantity - and focussed on classic, staple items that you can train in all year round.

But do keep checking back - our gym clothing range will continue to grow and watch out for some exciting brand collaborations, too!

Gym Clothing FAQ'S

What's a good outfit to wear to the gym?
You want to be as comfortable as possible while training, so it's advised to wear clothes that are loose and/or stretchy, such as shorts, leggings, sports bras, t-shirts, and vests. A sturdy pair of trainers are also essential.
Is it better to workout in tight or loose clothing?
As long as your clothing choices allow you to have a full range of motion, wear whatever fit is more comfortable for you. Our range of gym clothing is made to move with you, so whether you're wearing our loose-fit Iconic™ Hoodie, or our more advanced Performance T-Shirt, you will feel comfortable as well as functional.
Do workout clothes make a difference?
Here at Bulk™, we believe that your choice of athletic wear can make a difference to your performance. Wearing suitable workout clothing that allows for breathability, comfort, protection, and overall funtionality can all lead to a better mentality and ability to perform your best.