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  1. Amaretto1 item
  2. Apple & Cinnamon 1 item
  3. Apple & Lime1 item
  4. Apricot & Yoghurt1 item
  5. Banana2item
  6. Banana Caramel1 item
  7. Banoffee Pie1 item
  8. Barn Farmed1 item
  9. Birthday Cake1 item
  10. Black Coffee2item
  11. Black Forest Gateau1 item
  12. Blueberry & Raspberry1 item
  13. Brilliant Birthday Cake1 item
  14. Butterscotch3item
  15. Caramel2item
  16. *Cherry Bakewell (New)1 item
  17. Chia, Goji & Pear1 item
  18. Chocolate5item
  19. Chocolate Brownie1 item
  20. Chocolate Caramel2item
  21. Chocolate Chip1 item
  22. Chocolate Coconut1 item
  23. Chocolate Hazelnut3item
  24. Chocolate Mint1 item
  25. Chocolate Orange2item
  26. Chocolate Raspberry1 item
  27. Chocolate Sponge1 item
  28. Chunky Chocolate Orange1 item
  29. Cinnamon1 item
  30. Crunchy3item
  31. Coconut1 item
  32. Cookies & Cream3item
  33. Crumblin Cookies & Cream1 item
  34. Crunchy Peanut1 item
  35. Dark Chocolate3item
  36. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel1 item
  37. Double Chocolate1 item
  38. Free Range33item
  39. Garlic & Herb1 item
  40. *Gingerbread (New)1 item
  41. Golden Syrup2item
  42. Heavenly Chocolate Honeycomb1 item
  43. Honey1 item
  44. Irresistible Raspberry Cheesecake1 item
  45. Lemon Drizzle1 item
  46. Lemon Zest1 item
  47. Magnificent Millionaires Shortbread1 item
  48. Maple Syrup2item
  49. Maple Peanut Butter1 item
  50. Milk Chocolate4item
  51. Mixed Berry1 item
  52. Mocha2item
  53. *Mocha (New)1 item
  54. Original3item
  55. Peach & Mango1 item
  56. *Peanut Butter (New)1 item
  57. Piri Piri1 item
  58. Peri Peri1 item
  59. Raspberry1 item
  60. Red Berry & Apple1 item
  61. Salted Caramel1 item
  62. *Salted Caramel (New)1 item
  63. Smoke & Spice1 item
  64. Smooth5item
  65. Speculoos1 item
  66. Strawberry1 item
  67. Strawberry & Banana1 item
  68. Sweet Chilli1 item
  69. Sweetening Drops1 item
  70. Terrifically Tasty Tiramisu1 item
  71. Tiramisu1 item
  72. Triple Chocolate1 item
  73. Triple Nut1 item
  74. Unflavoured27item
  75. Vanilla5item
  76. Vanilla Sponge1 item
  77. White Chocolate Berry1 item
  78. White Chocolate3item
  79. White Chocolate Hazelnut1 item
  80. White Chocolate Pistachio1 item
  81. White Chocolate & Raspberry3item
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Bulk™ offers a huge range of foods, primarily aimed at those looking for the highest quality nutrition to support their dietary goals. Most of the below foods are encompassed within our Bulk&trade Foods range. The ethos behind Bulk&trade Foods is to provide superior quality produce, coupled with incredible value for money. You will not find unnecessary additives or preservatives either – the entire range has been developed to be as clean as possible.

Discover our wide range of healthy foods online.

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  1. Vegan Protein Bar

    Vegan Protein Bar

    Regular Price £2.49 Special Price £1.74
    Regular Price £2.49 Special Price £1.74


  2. gallery

    Dried Cranberries

    Regular Price £6.99 Special Price £4.19
    Regular Price £6.99 Special Price £4.19


Healthy foods FAQS

Nuts, nut butters, seeds and berries are a great and healthy snacking option to keep you going during the day. They’re naturally high-protein foods and perfect for on the go.On top of that, there are plenty of healthy snacks such as protein bars or nuts and dried fruit bars that can provide that mix of raw ingredients all in one go.

Nuts, fruit, vegetables, seeds and most whole foods are ideal sources of energy and nutrients if you’re following a calorie-restricted diet. Even though there aren’t any ‘diet foods’ as such, some options are definitely healthier than others.

If you want to take your athletic performance to the next level, you should rely on foods like chicken, oatmeal, rice, legumes, peanut butter, eggs and nuts. Hydration is also fundamental to always be at your best and keep the intensity up. Highly nutritional foods are also key for your recovery as well as providing energy during your workouts.

At Bulk™ we have an extensive variety of healthy foods such as nut butters, raw berries and nuts as well as more equally nutritious options to support an active lifestyle such as protein bars, liquid egg whites, ultra fine oats and many more. No matter your goals or dietary requirements, you can find healthy foods for all your meals.

Nutrition is at the heart of any healthy lifestyle. When you make healthy food choices, you support your physical health, allowing your body to perform at its best. While it’s okay not to have a “perfect” diet, it’s important to give your body all the nutrients it needs to function - you’ll feel the benefits.


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