Baking Ingredients


Whether you’re a master chef or an absolute novice in the kitchen, our range of baking ingredients includes something for everyone. Baking from scratch? Why not try our popula, VitaFiber™ powder or Coconut Flour?

Looking for something to complement your dish? How about some of our Chia Seeds, Active Seasonings™ or even our Zero Calorie Syrup™?

Or maybe you just need something quick and easy? Say no more. Give our Complete High Protein Pancakes a go, or whip up some flapjacks using our High Protein Flapjack Mix.

Baking Ingredients FAQS

What baking ingredients are available at Bulk?
At Bulk™, we care about making access to high-quality ingredients as easy as possible. We offer a wide range of baking ingredients for you to choose from, including seeds, dried fruits, flours and oils, which contribute to your nutrition whilst being tasty.
Which ingredients are good for baking?
There are certain staples of baking that we provide as part of our collection. Flour, oil, butter and eggs are the go-tos - and you can find excellent versions or substitutes in our baking ingredients range that form part of a healthy and balanced diet. A good example is switching in regular sugar for our Coconut Sugar alternative - a sweet taste without using real sugar or artificial sweeteners.
What are the benefits of baking with protein powder?
Protein powder is designed to carry more protein per 100 gram than off-the-shelf baking ingredients you’d get in supermarkets. Implementing protein powder into your baking means that your end products contribute more to your daily protein intake, and give you more control over how much protein you’re putting in.
How do you add protein to baking?
The most straight-forward way is by substituting flour for protein powder, but there’s other methods too. Our range of high-protein baking ingredients can easily be used to enhance protein content in your baked goods - from using our Protein Pancake Mix, or eschewing store-bought eggs for our Liquid Egg Whites.
How does protein in flour affect baking?
More protein in flour will result in a harder bake - this makes it perfect for a crusty sourdough, some heavy-duty pancakes, or a succulent flapjack to munch after your workout. It can make the bake a little denser than regular flour, however - but the taste can be just as good.
What proteins can you use for baking?
Dairy, egg and soy are all baking staples that are high in protein, and can be taken daily to increase your intake. You can use our Liquid Egg Whites, or our Soya Protein Isolate if you follow a non-dairy diet.