Zero Calorie Foods

Bulk™ has developed an impressive range of Zero Calorie Foods – designed specifically for anyone looking to reduce their calorie intake. From Diet Noodles to Zero Calorie Syrups, everything in this category contains Zero Calories – or as close to as possible!

Zero Calorie Foods FAQ'S

What are zero calorie foods?
Zero and low calorie foods are food designed for those looking to reduce their calorie intake. We have a range of zero calorie foods, such as our Zero Calorie Syrup and Low Calorie Sauce product ranges, which pack a punch of flavour with minimal calories.
Are there any foods with zero calories?
While water is the only true zero calorie substance that can be consumed, there are some foods that are close to being zero calorie. Some examples include berries, cucumber, celery, mushrooms, cabbage, and watermelon. These foods are great for weight loss as they are high-volume and low-calorie, helping to keep you fuller for longer.
What are the best zero calorie foods?
At 8 calories per serving, our Diet Noodles are a favourite among anyone on a fat loss journey. Our Zero Calorie Syrup range is our next top pick, being a great addition to hot and cold beverages, porridge, pancakes, and other low-calorie sweet treats.