Meat Snacks


Our Active Foods™ High Protein Biltong and Beef Jerky are popular ready-to-eat beef snacks that deliver a massive 53.5g and 60g per 100g respectively, making them a tasty convenient snack option.

Sourced from high quality beef, they can be consumed throughout the day, or in between meals to keep protein intake high. Conveniently packed, they are easy to carry and consume on the go!

Our Active Meals™ are our very own high protein ready meals – available in two fantastic varieties. Each meal provides over 29g protein and is low in fat, ideal as a high protein meal at any time of day.

Meat Snacks FAQ'S

What are meat snacks?
Meat snacks can range from ready to eat jerky to cooked meats.
What is a good meat to snack on?
Jerky, tuna, chicken, and fish make great meat snacks as they are convenient, high-protein snacks. Our Beef Jerky is a favourite among customers looking for an on-the-go, high-protein snack.
Can meat be a snack?
Yes, meat, whether it be freshly cooked or ready to eat cold, can make a great high-protein snack.