Post Workout


While breakfast is typically considered the most important meal of the day, the post workout window is the most important feeding occasion for anyone that has exercised. What you put into your body after a workout, will determine what you get out of the session. Basically, don’t waste your time by training really hard only to then neglect your post workout nutrition!

An ideal post workout combination consists of protein, carbohydrates and amino acids. Make your own post-workout drink by combining these ingredients, or consume something that is ready to go – such as Complete All in One™.

For those trying to increase muscle, training has resulted in a breakdown of muscle fibers and the burning of fuel (glycogen). The advantage of a post workout shake is that it gives the muscles an immediate supply of important nutrients, as soon as you’ve finished training. The alternative is showering, driving home, cooking and depriving your muscles of growth and repair nutrients for an extended period.

Bulk™ range of Post workout and recovery supplements provide you with quality nutrition immediately after a workout; helping you get bigger, stronger, improve performance and importantly get the most out of your training session.

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Post Workout FAQS

What are post-workouts?
Post-workout supplements are designed to be taken after exercise, to help your body get the nutrients it needs to recover. When we workout, we use up a lot of fuel that our body has stored. It’s important to make sure we are replenishing so that our recovery is as smart as our training session. Post-workouts, with their rich nutritional profile, have you covered.
What are the benefits of post-workout supplements?
The benefits of post-workout supplements come from what they give your body after you’ve trained. A mix of protein, carbohydrates and amino acids contribute to your body’s long-term recovery and give your muscles a steady supply of these important nutrients at the time they need them most - after they’ve been worked.
When should I take a post-workout?
Post-workouts are most effective when taken within 2 hours after your workout.
Who should take post-workout supplements?
Post-workout supplements are for anyone. When we train, we put our body under stress - good stress, but it’s still stress. When our training session is over, it’s important we treat our bodies well and give them what we need. With a mix of protein, carbohydrates and amino acids, a post-workout supplement taken as soon as training ends is a simple way to contribute some much-needed nutrients to your body, and help it to recover.
What is the best post-workout?
All of our bulk® post-workout formulas are high quality. Our Aftermath Post-Recovery Workout is the gold standard. Using a precise blend of high-quality protein, amino acids, glutamine peptides, creatine monohydrate, HMB and rapid-digestion carbohydrates, many of them exclusive and proprietary formulas, we created the very best supplement for serious trainers, which gives your body the nutrition it needs as it recovers from an intense exercise session.
What is the shelf life of post-workout supplements?
Our post-workout powders have a long shelf life, and can be kept at room temperature. As with any supplement, it’s important to keep an eye on the expiry date printed on the pouch, and to adhere to this, along with any storage instructions. For some of our other supplements, such as our Macro-Munch protein bars, they may have a slightly shorter shelf life - but we doubt they’ll be hanging around in your cupboard too long anyway!
What can a post-workout supplement help with?
Post-workout supplements are generally high-protein powders that contain other ingredients that help support muscle recovery, protein synthesis, physical performance, and general post workout recovery. Post-workout supplements aren't like your usual protein powders, they have additional ingredients such as essential amino acids, creatine and other ergogenic aids, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals that can help boost recovery, particularly after high-intensity training.