Pre Workout


Boost your training with a few sips. Numerous scientific studies have shown pre-workout supplements improve your workout performance, designed to raise energy and endurance.

Some specific benefits include increased energy via Vitamin B6 and improved focus with caffeine.

In-house nutrition experts have blended ingredients such as caffeine, amino acids and creatine monohydrate, all of which work together to enhance athletic performance, delay fatigue and improve muscle strength and power. Overall, pre-workouts provide a powerful boost when you most need it.

Pre-Workout Supplements FAQS

What are pre workout supplements?
Pre-workout supplements refer to any kind of health, fitness or nutritional supplement that is intended to be taken before you start your workout. This can include a range of nutritional supplements including Thermogenics, BCAAs and Creatine, as well as prepared pre-workout supplements which combine numerous ingredients into a single, convenient form.
What are the benefits of taking pre workout supplements?
Pre-workout supplements are intended to provide your body with the nutrition and energy it needs to get through an intense workout session, any time of day. The benefits they provide depend upon the specific ingredients and nutritional supplements involved. Most trainers choose to take pre-workouts to prepare their body for a heavy workout and ensure their body is well-supported before, during and after each session.
Is pre-workout good for you?
Pre-workouts are incredibly popular in the training and fitness world. Creatine, for example, is considered to be a pre-workout supplement and, next to whey protein, it’s probably the most widely-consumed training supplement on the market. Like any other nutritional supplement, pre-workouts are perfectly healthy when consumed according to instructions as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.
How long before a workout should you take a pre workout supplement?
When we call them a pre-workout, we mean pre-workout. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to take your pre-workout at least half an hour before you start training, and no more than an hour before. Some pre-workouts, such as BCAA drinks, are appropriate to mix at the start of your workout and sip gradually throughout your session.
How do pre workout supplements work?
Pre-workout supplements include a wide range of nutritional and fitness supplements, each with their own particular function and intended use. Speaking very broadly, they generally contain ingredients and nutrients intended for use before your workout so you’re prepared for a heavy session, and they come in drink, powder, pill and capsule form.
What are the different types of pre workout supplements?
There are a wide range of pre-workout supplements on the Bulk™ online store. The most common pre-workout supplements that we sell include Thermogenics, Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements, vitamins such as B Vitamins, Caffeine and Taurine. Several types of amino acids are also popular as pre-workout supplements, such as Glycine, L Arginine and Leucine.
How long do pre-workouts last?
Pre-workouts are intended to be taken before your workout, and they’re intended to last throughout your workout, however intense. How long each specific pre-workout supplement lasts depends on the specific ingredients and the way it is taken, but as a general rule, pre-workouts are intended to last between 3 to 6 hours.
Is it better to use tablets or powders?
There’s no major difference between pre-workout powders vs. pre-workout pills; it mostly comes down to personal preference. The biggest distinction comes down to the form itself. Pre-workout powders are normally dissolved in water and drunk, meaning your body will be able to more quickly absorb them. Tablets, on the other hand, may take a little longer for your body to absorb, but they’re great if you don’t like the taste of pre-workouts.
Should I take a pre workout everyday?
It's not commonly recommended to take a pre workout everyday. Though, the question here should really be why you wouldn't, not why you shouldn't. Pre-workouts should ideally be taken when you feel you will get the most benefit from it in terms of athletic performance. Consistently consuming high-caffeine drinks will result in a build up of tolerance, which is the opposite effect we're trying to achieve when taking a pre-workout.