Hydration Supplements


Endurance and hydration levels when you train or compete is vital for optimal performance, so it’s important to get it right, before and during the event itself to maximise your performance output.

Bulk™ offer a wide range of supplements for just that, from fast-release carbohydrates like Vitargo®, Dextrose, and Complete Pre-Workout™ Gels, to Complete Electrolyte Tablets™ and intra-formulations like ENDURE™ – to ensure you’re event ready from start to finish!

Endurance & Hydration FAQ'S

What is the best way to restore electrolytes after exercise?
Alongside drinking plenty of fluids before, during, and after exercise, an electrolyte drink, or other sports drinks, can be a quick and convenient way to replenish depleted electrolytes.
Are endurance and hydration drinks worth it?
Hydration levels before, during and after exercise is a factor often overlooked when it comes to improving sports performance and recovery. To help maximise your performance output and delay fatigue, particularly in the context of endurance, a hydration supplement is key.
Do electrolyte supplements help with hydration?
Not only do electrolytes help replenish your mineral losses, but they can also help maintain proper hydration throughout exercise, helping to avoid dehydration. This is particularly useful for endurance athletes, especially when training in humid conditions.
When should you use hydration supplements?
You should take a hydration supplement or sports drink before, during, or after exercise to maintain fluid balance and adequate hydration.
Which supplements are best for endurance and hydration?
We offer a range of supplements to support endurance and to ensure adequate hydration. Our best-sellers in this category include Instant BCAA, Electrolyte Powder, and our Complete Pre-Workout™.