Joint Supplements


Anyone that has trained consistently hard for an extended period is likely to be familiar with injuries, as well as the aches and pains that unfortunately seem to become a part of everyday life. Joint supplements are often used as a treatment for such joint injuries. Ideally, joint health supplements should be used for prevention, as once you’re injured a weakness has been created (as well as resulting in missed training sessions) that may be difficult to fully treat.

For strength athletes, the whole body is being forced to deal with abnormally high loads. While this is a necessary part of strength training, it puts a huge stress not just on the muscles, but the whole musculoskeletal system – this includes our joints.

Joint supplements are designed to provide joint support, improve joint health, reduce joint pain and inflammation, maintain healthy joint function and prevent injury from occurring in the first place.

Joint Care Supplements FAQS

What are joint support supplements?
Joint care supplements are any kind of nutrient, vitamin, mineral or other nutritional supplement which contains ingredients that can support normal function of your joints, such as in the ankles, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and fingers. They can contribute to normal joint function in a variety of ways, depending on the specific nutrients they contain.
What are the benefits of taking joint support tablets?
The benefits of each joint care supplement vary depending on what nutrients they contain, but in general terms they can contribute to normal joint function by reducing and relieving joint pain, promoting healthy cartilage and contributing to healthy bones. A lot of joint care supplements are very rich in calcium, for example, as this is crucial for healthy, normal bones.
Are joint recovery care pills healthy?
Like any other nutritional supplement, joint care supplements are healthy as part of a healthy, balanced diet with an active lifestyle. They’re intended to supplement a diverse intake of food by providing extra nutrition for your joints. They should not be used as a meal replacement, and you should always follow the instructions provided.
When should you take joint care tablets?
Most joint care supplements are intended to build upon the nutrition you get from your regular meals, so we generally advise taking them with meals so they’re absorbed with other nutrients. Otherwise, you can take your joint care supplements at whatever time you would normally take any other nutritional supplements you take, such as first thing in the morning or just before bed.
Who should take joint care products?
Joint care supplements are suitable for anyone and everyone, but they’re particularly good for anyone who takes part in an intense sport which relies upon quick reflexes and agility, such as tennis, football, or golf. They’re also good for older people; as you get older, your cartilage and joints are more at risk of damage, so it’s important to take joint care supplements to maintain healthy joints.
What are the different types of joint care supplements?
Joint care supplements come in a wide variety of preparations, including vegan and vegetarian forms, and contain an even wider range of nutrients. They’re most popular in pill, tablet or softgel form as an easy supplement to take every day, but you can also get them in powders that can be mixed into DIY nutritional blends. The most popular products include Omega fatty acids and our tailored Joint Restore capsules.
Do you need different joint care vitamins as you age?
Healthy joints are important at any age, but some supplements are particularly suitable for older athletes. For example, as you get older, the cartilage in your joints which helps to ‘cushion’ joint movement tends to get weaker, so it’s good to take joint care supplements that promote normal cartilage function.
How to take care of your joints?
The best way to take care of your joints is to avoid any activities or motions that put unnecessary stress on your joints, and to always get a healthy intake of calcium to promote strong, healthy bones. Your muscles and tendons work in tandem with your joints whenever you move, so you should always stretch well before any strenuous exercise, and allow plenty of time for recovery afterward.
What is the best joint supplement?
We sell a range of joint care supplements that each offer specific benefits. Our Joint Restore capsules offer an effective formula containing glucosamine and chondroitin, among other key joint health ingredients, which all provide support to bones, muscles, and joints.
What vitamins are good for joint and bone health?
Within our joint care range, we offer vitamin C, vitamin D, and fish oil capsules, which all support normal cartilage formation, bone health, joints, and muscle function.