Vitamin supplements. Meet the daily demands of your active lifestyle.

Vitamins are an effective way of supplementing a regular diet, ensuring you get every nutrient you need.

Extra vitamins have incredible benefits. Vitamin D tablets help the immune system, while multivitamin tablets contribute to the normal functioning of the metabolism.

Looking for even more supplemental benefits? Reduce tiredness and fatigue with magnesium bisglycinate, or support the onset of sleep with ashwagandha. Vitamins and health and wellbeing supplements are a powerful combination.

Vitamins FAQS

What are vitamin supplements?
Vitamins are essential nutrients that we have to get from our diet - our bodies can’t make them. They perform a variety of super important functions to help our body perform at its best. Vitamin supplements are specifically formulated to boost your daily vitamin intake in case you’re not getting everything you need from your diet or have any deficiencies.
What are the benefits of taking vitamin supplements?
Taking vitamin tablets is an easy and super-efficient way of upping your intake and making up for any deficiencies you may have. Vitamins have a number of roles including helping maintain normal function of the immune system, energy metabolism, skin, eye and bone health and much more. Correcting any deficiencies you have will lead to improvements in these areas, and will help you feel your best.
What types of vitamin supplements are available?
Vitamin tablets and vitamin capsules are the most popular types. However, you can also add vitamin powders to shakes and smoothies to cover all bases. We offer a range of single vitamin supplements, such as Vitamin D, or multivitamin combinations, so you can tailor your supplements to your personal requirements.
Who should take vitamin supplements?
They’re suitable for anyone who’s not getting their recommended daily amount from their diet or has discovered deficiencies with specific tests. It’s particularly important for people eating specific types of diets, such as vegans and vegetarians, to make sure they’re getting enough of certain vitamins either through their diet or through supplementation. In the UK, it’s recommended to take a Vitamin D supplement between the months of October and March. However, remember it’s not helpful to exceed the recommended doses as our body won’t absorb vitamins beyond its capacities.
What vitamin supplements do vegans need?
Vitamin B12 is an absolute must. Adults only need 2.4 micrograms per day but it’s vital to get them as our ability to absorb vitamin B12 decreases as we age. Vitamin D is also key as it facilitates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and this is something vegans have in common with omnivores.
What do vitamins do?
Vitamins are essential nutrients that we have to get from our diet - our bodies can’t make them. They perform a variety of super important functions, including supporting our immune system, maintaining our bone and skin health and playing a role in energy metabolism. It’s important to get enough of each vitamin as each one performs a vital function in your body.
Do we need different vitamins as we age?
You need to make sure you’re getting enough of every vitamin, whatever age you are. As we grow older, the ability to absorb and process nutrients solely from our diet won’t be the same as when we were younger.
What are the best vitamins to build muscle?
Supplementing vitamins won’t make a huge difference when trying to build muscle unless you’re also making changes to your overall diet and lifestyle. Some vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and vitamin D, play a role in muscle function. However, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough of every vitamin in order for your body to function at its best. It’s also important to remember it’s not helpful to exceed the daily recommended doses, as our body won’t absorb beyond its daily capacity.