Weight & Mass Gainers


Calories, protein, muscle growth. These mass gainer supplements are a convenient way of adding extra calories to your diet, enhancing your recovery and allowing you to get more from your training.

Our team of in-house nutritionists have developed a wide range of high-quality mass gainers, formulated to create clean, desired mass in the form of muscle. Lean muscle.

These weight gain supplements deliver premium sources of protein, carbohydrates and amino acids, with the primary aim of helping you gain mass and size. Protein has been shown by many scientific studies to contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, so a high-protein diet is necessary to gain muscle and strength.

Our collection includes our Informed Mass Gainer accredited by Informed Sport and recommended for competing athletes, as well as great value options like Essential Mass Gainer. We’ve also formulated a tasty vegan option, with Vegan Mass Gainer.

It's not just mass gain supplements, shakes, powders and drinks that can help you. If your goal is to gain weight, we also supply a wide range of calorie-dense and protein foods.

Mass Gainers FAQS

What are mass gainer products?
Put simply, mass gainers are any kind of food, powder, snack or supplement with a high calorie content, whether naturally or by design. If you’re training to build muscle mass, you need to consume more calories than you burn to give your body the nutrients it needs to build. Mass gainer products provide concentrated measures of proteins, carbs and fat to make consuming those calories easier.
What are the benefits of weight gainers?
The main benefit of using mass gainers, especially powders, is that they help you to pack in the calories you need every day without having to eat loads of food, which can be difficult. On top of that, they’re usually created with a measured balance of proteins, carbs, and fats, giving you an ideal ratio of the three without any hassle.
Are mass gainer snacks and supplements healthy?
Mass Gainer products are perfectly healthy, provided they’re used appropriately. They’re high in calories because they’re designed for people who are exercising and training hard to build muscle mass – so if you don’t work out regularly, you’re just consuming excess calories and are more at risk of putting on fat. Used as intended, as part of an active training regime with a balanced diet, mass gainers are perfectly healthy.
Who are weight gainers for?
Mass Gainer products are designed for intense and hardcore trainers who are interested in building muscle mass over a short or medium-term period, such as during a typical 6 week ‘bulking’ cycle. If you’re following any other kind of training regime, or aren’t quite sure if mass gainer products are correct for you, you should consult with your doctor or a medical professional before using them.
Is it OK to take mass gainer supplements every day?
Mass Gainer supplements are generally intended for serious trainers who workout regularly, including every day, and by the same token, they’re fine for daily consumption as part of that regime. Just remember that Mass Gainer supplements are very rich in calories, so unless you’re exercising to burn those calories away, or doing weight training workouts to promote growth in muscle mass, those calories will most likely be turned into fat by your body.
What are the different types of weight gainer products?
The most popular Mass Gainer products we sell are specific Mass Gainer nutritional formulas, like our popular Mass Gainer powder, which provides measured servings of protein, carbohydrates and fat in a convenient shake form which can be consumed throughout the day. There are also a number of calorie-rich foods which can be used as part of a mass gain programme, including natural nut butters, which are rich in protein and fat, and carb-dense foods such as oats.
How does it taste?
It depends on what kind of Mass Gainer product you’re using. In the case of powder formulas, most of them are sold in a variety of flavours like chocolate and vanilla, so you can choose a flavour that works best for you. In the case of natural mass gainer foods like nut butters and oats, they taste the way you’d expect them to.
What is the shelf life of mass gainer supplements?
Like most nutritional supplements, our Mass Gainer products are designed to have a long shelf life. As a general rule, most Mass Gainer powders and supplements have a shelf life of 12 months after their manufacturing date; in the case of natural foods, the shelf life might be shorter. Check the individual labels of any mass gainer products you use for more exact Best Before dates.
Do mass gainers make you gain weight or muscle mass?
This would largely depend on your nutrition and training strategy. Mass gainers are designed to help you conveniently increase your overall daily calorie intake, which is perfect for anyone wanting to gain mass, whether this be muscle, body fat, or both. Your training programme and other nutrition factors, such as your overall calorie intake, would determine whether or not the mass you gain is more muscle or fat.