Protein Blends


Protein Blends are simply a combination of protein sources, and are also referred to as multi-source proteins. As opposed to using a single protein source to meet your protein requirements, Protein Blends contain a range of proteins, all of which have varying amino acid profiles.

Recent research suggests that Protein Blends are in fact superior to using Whey Protein as a standalone protein source. This is not to say, however, that there is not a place for both. Rapidly digesting protein sources such as Whey Protein are perfect for consumption before after exercise – and are viewed as superior to a Protein Blend to this extent. That said, multi-source Protein Blends are the optimal choice for at other times of day; such as between meals or before bed, where they provide a slower, more steady supply of protein to the muscles.

Bulk™ manufactures a range of Protein Blends – all of which have been expert formulated and contain only the highest quality and most bioavilable protein sources such as Whey, Milk and Egg.

Looking for specific quantities? See our selection of 1 kilogram protein powders and 5 kilogram protein powders.

Protein Blends FAQS

What are protein blends?
Protein blends offer a combination of high-quality protein sources with varying digestion rates and amino acid compositions. Research suggests that protein blends are superior to standalone whey protein powders due to the varying digestion rates, though this is largely down to personal preference and goals.
What do protein blends do?
Protein blends can help maximise muscle mass by optimising muscle protein synthesis.
Are protein blends better than single proteins?
Not necessarily. It depends on the intended use and your personal goals.
Which Bulk™ protein blend product will work best for you?
We have several options which largely depend on your goals. This includes our 1™ Complete Food Shake, providing you with everything you need in one go, including all macronutrients and 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more advanced post-workout formula, Aftermath Post-Workout Recovery is our premium all-in-one option.
Do you have any vegan protein blends?
Yes! We have a selection of vegan blends, including 1™ Complete Food Shake, Vegan All-In-One, and Vegan Mass Gainer.