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Gut health supplements are ideal for all, especially active populations who are looking to improve digestion and general gut health. The benefits associated with gut health supplements can also support immune function.

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Gut Health Supplements FAQS

What are gut health supplements?
Gut health supplements are any type of supplement designed to support your body’s natural digestive or gastrointestinal processes. This can include dietary fibres to aid digestion, prepared biocultures to promote a healthy gut, or any number of supplements that support your body’s natural metabolic processes.
What are the benefits of taking gut health supplements and powders?
Gut health supplements come in a wide range of forms, each with a unique and specific purpose, so each of their benefits depends on what they’re designed to do. As a general rule, they may (a) help your body to efficiently pass food and nutrients through your digestive system, (b) provide nutrients that aid your body’s natural digestive environment, or (c) help your body to more readily metabolise digested foods and transfer the nutrients to the rest of your body.
Are gut health supplements healthy?
Gut health supplements are a great way to support your body’s natural digestive functions. Each has its own unique function or use, meaning some will be more appropriate for promoting health for some individuals than for others. If you know what your specific dietary needs are, you should choose an aid that fits those requirements.
When should you take digestive health tablets?
Because they relate to digestive functions, digestive health tablets are usually designed to be taken immediately before or immediately after meals. However, each supplement has its own specific instructed use, so you should check the packaging for detailed instructions.
Who should take gut health supplements?
Gut health supplements are appropriate for most people, but this varies depending on what your individual needs are, as well as your personal health and any other conditions you might experience. If you have any doubts or concerns, you should consult your doctor or a medical professional before taking any digestive aid. Some digestive aids, such as Activated Charcoal, can interfere with your body’s uptake of medications, so you should also consult your doctor if you are currently taking any prescribed medication.
What is the difference between digestive aid supplements and probiotics?
The easiest way to answer this is to break down the two terms. Digestive Aid Supplements are supplements that explicitly aid your body’s digestion, such as dietary fibres, which help to push food through your digestive tract, and digestive enzymes, which support your body’s normal digestive functions.. Biocultures, on the other hand, are cultures of live bacteria which occur naturally in your gut and promote all-round healthy gut function. Altogether, these are all known as gut health supplements.
Do you need different digestive health supplements as you age?
While there aren’t strict rules about who should take what supplements, it’s true that as you get older, your body’s ability to perform certain functions weakens. As a result, many older people choose to take digestive enzymes or dietary fibres to help their body process and pass food. But, of course, there’s no harm in choosing to use these supplements at any point in your life.
What are digestive enzymes?
Enzymes are a group of proteins that kickstart biological processes, such as the breaking down of foods. You even have enzymes in your saliva, for example, which help to soften and break down food to make it ready for digestion. Digestive Enzymes are any enzymes which support digestive processes; typically breaking down tough-to-digest foods including plant fibre, grains, starches and proteins.
What are the best digestive enzymes?
We sell a range of enzyme supplements that all support digestive health and the overall digestive process, including our best-seller DigeZyme®, and our Vegan Digestive Enzymes.