With such a vast difference in foods and diets, supporting good gut health can be a challenge for many. But products like our Complete Bio-Culture™™ and Lactospore® Tablets are designed to do just that – support good gut health by increasing concentrations of friendly bacteria.

Bio-cultures are ideal for anyone looking to improve digestion and to provide relief to the symptoms of intestinal disorders or discomforts.

Discover our range of bio-culture supplements and tablets.

Bio-Culture Supplements FAQS

What are bioculture supplements?
“Bioculture” refers to a wide range of live organisms, yeasts and bacteria, many of which are naturally present in our bodies, including in the digestive system. People generally take bio culture supplements to promote normal digestive function and a healthy gut.
What are the benefits of taking bio-culture supplements?
Biocultures include a number of prepared bacteria that occur naturally in your digestive tract, so many people choose to take bioculture supplements to ensure they maintain the natural balance of bacteria in their gut.
Are bio-cultures healthy?
Yes! Biocultures are some of the most popular and widely-consumed nutritional foods available today, sold in supermarkets and stores all around the globe in pills, tablets, drinks and snacks. They’re a great source of nutrition as part of a regular, healthy diet.
When should you take bio-cultures?
Biocultures are generally taken as a daily supplement, so most people enjoy them in the morning with breakfast. You can mix a powder in with your regular shake formula, or swallow a tablet with your morning coffee.
Should you take bio-cultures everyday?
Biocultures are intended to support our digestive systems, and we use our digestive systems every second of every day. So yes, people generally take biocultures every day or for a sustained period of time.
How do bio-cultures supplements work?
Biocultures are cultures of bacteria that live naturally in your gut and digestive tract. By taking bioculture supplements, you’re supporting your digestion by ensuring healthy levels of biocultures in your body. Put simply, biocultures provide your body with “good” bacteria to help restore and maintain the natural balance of bacteria in your gut.
How do you take bio-cultures?
Biocultures come in a variety of forms, so how you take them depends on the form. Tablets can be swallowed daily with a glass of water. Powders can be mixed on their own, or blended with your favourite shake or smoothie formula.
Who should take bio-cultures?
Biocultures are great for anyone and everyone, especially people who are interested in supporting their digestive system and promoting normal gut function. However, if you suffer from any medically-diagnosed, long-term health issues, particularly any which affect digestion or bowel activity, you should consult with your doctor or medical professional before taking bioculture supplements.
Why is gut health important?
A healthy gut microbiome populated with friendly bacteria can play a vital role in many aspects of your health and wellbeing, most notably digestive health.
What are the signs of an unhealthy gut microbiome?
Many lifestyle factors can affect your gut flora, including high stress levels, poor quality sleep, consuming too many highly processed foods, and taking antibiotics. This, in turn, may affect other aspects of your life and health. Some of the clear signs of an unhealthy gut may include gas and bloating, sleep disturbances, skin irritation, and food intolerances.
How can I look after my gut?
There are many simple strategies to implement into your daily life that can help keep your microbiome healthy, such as regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, mindful eating practices, eating more fibre, drinking more water, including more fermented foods in your diet, and taking bio-cultures.
What is the best bio-culture supplement?
We sell a selection of live bacteria supplements, such as our best-seller Complete Bio-Culture™, Veganbiotic, and PRO CULTURE™ that all support digestion and overall gut health.