High Fibre Supplements


Fibre is a fundamental part of a balanced diet – the Department of Health recommends a daily intake of 30g per day. One key role of fibre is aiding the digestive system in processing food. As an active individual, total calorie intake is likely to be higher than average, so it could be beneficial to consumer a slightly higher amount of fibre than the average person. This makes high fibre supplements an ideal proposition for many, especially those who struggle to get enough fibre through their regular eating habits.

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Fibre Supplements FAQS

What are high fibre supplements?
High fibre supplements are a range of nutritional powders, capsules and other formulas intended to increase your daily intake of dietary fibre, which promotes healthy, regular digestion. Fibre is crucial to any healthy diet, and it can sometimes be difficult to get your full daily intake from food alone. These supplements are great to give you a daily boost.
What is the benefit of taking fibre supplements?
Dietary fibre aids digestion by helping food to pass through the digestive tract. It comes in two forms: insoluble fibre, also known as roughage, which helps to push food through the GI tract, and soluble fibre, which bonds digested foods together so they pass more comfortably.
Are fibre supplements healthy?
Fibre supplements are one of the most commonly taken supplements in the world today, enjoyed by millions of people for their health and digestive benefits. Think of them the same way as vitamin and mineral supplements.
When to take fibre supplements?
Because they’re designed to aid digestion, the best time to take fibre supplements is shortly after meals. You can take them any time of the day, however, and most people choose to take them either first thing in the morning, or just before bedtime.
How much fibre supplements can you take in a day?
Generally, you should only take as much fibre supplement as you need to meet your recommended daily intake. You should continue to seek fibre in your regular food and nutrition, and while taking excess fibre won’t necessarily harm you, it won’t provide any benefits either. As a general rule, take one recommended serving after each meal, or as instructed.
Why is fibre important for the body?
Fibre is important for the body in both soluble and insoluble forms because it promotes healthy gut and intestinal functions, and helps food to pass regularly through the body. Some foods, especially ones high in fat and oil, can cause digestive issues without fibre to aid digestion, and because human beings eat more processed and soft foods than we did in the past, we often struggle to eat as much fibre as our bodies need to function.
What do fibre supplements taste like?
Generally, fibre supplements are intended to be taken as tablets, mixed with smoothies, or dissolved in water. As a result, they tend not to have any flavour at all. Fibre can also be found in a range of natural foods, especially vegetarian and plant-based ingredients. The fibre-rich foods we sell include grains, oats, seeds and nuts.
What is the shelf life of fibre supplements?
Fibre supplements are generally durable, with a long shelf life. As a general rule, supplements, tablets and powders are good for 12 months after their manufacturing date, but you should check individual labels for precise information. Fibre-rich foods such as oats, grains and seeds are similarly stable, but you should check each individual product for specific Best Before dates.