Health & Wellbeing


For too many trying to improve their training performance, health and wellbeing is ignored.

Using health and wellbeing supplements is a good way to counteract this, and begin paying more attention to the holistic side of wellness. We've got Vitamin D tablets for supporting immune function. Magensium tablets provides support for joints, while Ashwagandha enhances the onset of sleep.

Alongside a healthy and balanced diet, health and wellbeing supplements help to fill in the gaps. Don't just treat symptoms. Enhance prevention.

Health & wellbeing FAQS

What are health supplements?
Wellbeing supplements come in many forms such as health tablets, vitamins, softgels and powders. They’re created to make up for potential deficiencies and get all the nutrients you may not be getting from your diet.
Who should take health supplements?
Anyone who finds they’re not getting enough of a certain macronutrient, vitamin or mineral in their diet. Health supplements are an easy and convenient way of making up for these nutritional deficiencies. We always recommend you consult your doctor before making any dramatic changes to your diet.
What health supplements should you take?
Depending on your deficiencies, you should be able to find the appropriate health supplement. For example, if you haven’t been getting a lot of sunlight lately and want to support your immune system, vitamin D, C and zinc supplements are ideal for that. Feeling like your energy levels could do with a boost? B vitamins such as vitamin B12 can be beneficial in that scenario.
When should you take health supplements?
Health supplements can have specific instructions and recommendations. However, you’ll find that most of them should be taken with food. That’s because they can be absorbed more easily with a lower risk of upsetting your stomach.
What are the benefits?
Taking health tablets can be especially beneficial if you’re already aware of a specific deficiency in your diet. More generally, they can boost your overall health and vitamin and mineral intake. For example, if you’re vegan, you may already know that it’s highly recommended you supplement your diet with vitamin B12. If you want to cover a wider spectrum of vitamins and minerals, you can benefit from multivitamin supplements.
What health supplements are offered by Bulk™?
With an extensive health and wellbeing range, we’ve got your immune system, joints and recovery and much more covered. Take your pick from nootropics, collagen and vitamin C powder, bedtime formulas and vitamin tablets. Designed to support general wellness day in, day out, our health supplements will help you create the best foundation for your workouts and performance.
Do we need different health supplements as we age?
As our body changes with time, its dietary requirements will also follow. As we grow older, the ability to absorb and process nutrients solely from our diet won’t be the same as when we were younger. Vitamin B12 is also a vitamin that becomes more difficult to absorb with time and should be supplemented as you get older.