Protein Shakers & Bottles


Long gone are the days of mixing powders in a glass with a fork! Bulk™ has a huge range of Shaker Bottles and  Water Bottles  to do all the work for you.

Shaker Bottles are evolving too – gone are the days of a bottle simply being something you drink from!

All this aside, Shaker Bottles are the norm for mixing supplements, and remain the easiest and most convenient way of doing so. They are ideal for on the go and mean that you never have to miss a shake or post-workout drink – whether it is at work or immediately after a hard training session.

Protein Shaker Bottles FAQS

What is a protein shaker?
Well, it’s a shaker for protein shakes. But to be more specific, protein shakers are special drinks containers that are designed to help you prepare and drink your protein shakes in a single device: Simply add water, add powder, shake, and drink.
What are the benefits of using a protein shaker?
The secret to protein shakers is the metal wire mixing ball inside, which shakes around, breaking up your protein powders and ensuring they are fully dissolved, creating smooth, delicious shakes every time. It's the easiest way to get quick, good results every time you make a shake, and they're easy to rinse and dry after every use.
How to use a protein shaker cup?
Using a protein shaker is easy. Simply add water, or your preferred fluid such as milk or a dairy-free alternative, add your preferred measure of powder, close the shaker, making sure everything is sealed tight, and then shake for 15-30 seconds, until the powder has fully mixed. Serve in a cup, or simply drink straight from the shaker.
What materials are protein shakers made out of?
Protein shakers come in a wide variety of materials and colours, but they're most commonly made of plastic with a stainless steel wire mixing ball. The most popular are plastic protein shakers, which are transparent, thus allowing you to check your shakes are fully mixed before you serve.
How does a protein shaker bottle work?
Protein shaker bottles mainly work thanks to the wire mixing ball, which helps to break up any clumps of powder in your drink in the same way a whisk or blender would. If you consume protein shakes regularly, it's just easier to have a tool that you can grab, use, wash, and re-use throughout the day, a perfect addition to any gym bag.
When should you drink a protein shake?
As the cornerstone of any weight or resistance training regime, protein shakes are usually consumed either pre-workout or post-workout. You can even mix pre-workout formulas in protein shakers – but if you’re worried about mixing flavours, you might want to use a separate shaker for different formulas.
How do you choose a protein shaker bottle?
All protein shaker cups are very similar, but they vary depending on specific needs. If you tend to drink small portions throughout the day, consider a mini shaker. If you drink mass gainers or bulking formulas, an extra-large shaker will give you room for all that powder.
Why is there a wire ball in a protein shaker?
The wire mixing ball is the most important part of your shaker – which you’ll learn if you ever mix and drink a shake without it. It rattles around the cup as you shake, breaking up clumps of powder and ensuring the entire formula is evenly mixed, so you don’t get a mouthful of dry, lumpy protein shake (and trust us, you don’t want that).
Can I use my protein shakers as water bottles?
If you would like to use your protein bottle as a regular water bottle, simply remove the metal ball. However, we offer a range of water bottles for your hydration needs, including our Half Gallon Water Bottle, Sports Water Bottle, and Insulated Steel Water Bottle.
Are my protein shakers dishwasher safe?
All of our shakers are safe to put in the dishwasher apart from the Deluxe™ Steel Shaker Bottle, which is hand washing recommended. Our water bottles are also hand washing recommended.
What are the best protein shakers?
You cannot go wrong with our Iconic™ Shaker Bottle, an essential piece of gym kit that supports your daily protein intake requirements. If you're seeking a more durable option, our Deluxe™ Steel Shaker Bottle is a great pick, or our Mini Iconic™ Shaker if you require something more small and compact.