Intra Workout


Intra workout supplements are designed to be consumed during a workout and play an important role in nutrition for performance and physique development. Gym enthusiasts are starting to realise that neglecting intra workout supplements means they are essentially missing a trick. Bulk™ has a select range of intra workout supplements to help you not only get the most from your workout, but also to protect your muscles against muscle breakdown.

We would also strongly recommend combining one or more intra workout supplements with both pre and post workout supplements, providing optimum nutrition around the times when your body needs it most!

For many, carbohydrate drinks, such as vitargo, have always been the choice for during a workout. It has been a fairly recent development though whereby research has focused on the benefits of consuming additional nutrients, branched chain amino acids for example, to supply energy and to protect the muscles during intense training sessions. This is particularly relevant if sessions are of a long duration or are of a particularly intense nature; for example if during weight training you are performing lots of supersets and/or dropsets.

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Intra Workout FAQS

What is an intra workout?
Intra-workout supplements refer to any kind of health, fitness or nutritional supplement that is intended to be taken during your workout. This can include a range of nutritional supplements including Electrolytes, BCAAs and Vitargo, as well as prepared intra-workout supplements which combine numerous ingredients into a single, convenient form.
What are the benefits of an intra workout supplement?
Intra-workout supplements are intended to provide your body with the nutrition and energy it needs to get through an intense workout session, any time of day. The benefits they provide depend upon the specific ingredients and nutritional supplements involved. Most trainers choose to take intra-workouts to support their body during a heavy workout, and the benefits of these can last after you’ve left the gym.
How does an intra workout supplement work?
Intra-workouts are becoming incredibly popular in the training and fitness world. Vitargo, for example, is considered to be an intra-workout carbohydrate supplement and is widely-consumed as an intra-training supplement for fast-release energy. Like any other nutritional supplement, intra-workouts are perfectly healthy when consumed according to instructions as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.
When is the best time to take it?
When we call them intra-workout, we mean intra-workout. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to take your intra-workout as you start training, or you can employ it part of the way through an intense session as you feel your energy levels begin to dip. Some intra-workouts, such as BCAA shakes, are appropriate for sipping gradually throughout your session.
What supplement is best during a workout?
Intra-workout supplements include a wide range of nutritional and fitness supplements, each with their own particular function and intended use. Speaking very broadly, they generally contain ingredients and nutrients intended for use during your workout so you’re prepared for a heavy session, and they come in drink, powder, pill and capsule form. It is entirely up to you how you implement these, and only you will know what is best for your own training regimen and lifestyle.
What should you drink during your workout?
There are a wide range of intra-workout drinks on the Bulk™ online store. Products such as Instant BCAA, Electrolyte Powder and Essential Amino Acids are easy to sip throughout your workout, and the fact they come in powdered form means you can mix it in as a whole shake, or to add to other powdered supplements.
How many carbs should you take during your workout?
Your carb intake depends on your goals. If you want to bulk up and put on weight, then you should make sure you’re implementing supplements that have high protein, and more carb content than other supplements, so you can reach your calorie goals in a healthy way. If you feel as though your energy is dipping during a workout, fast-release carbs are a good quick fix, but be aware that their sugar content can cause a spike in insulin, and it’s important to balance this out. Slow-release carbs, taken throughout the day, may be the better option.
Is it OK to workout on an empty stomach?
Various schools of thought exist on this matter. Some view exercising before you’ve broken your fast to be a great way to burn calories and kick-start your metabolism while toning up. Of course, no food means no fuel - you may find yourself getting light-headed due to low blood sugar. It’s ultimately up to you to discover what suits you and what works well with your schedule, and your body.