Mood & Brain Supplements


For many, the stress of everyday life can negatively affect mood. Add an intense training schedule to this, and the effects can be even more pronounced. This drop in mood can also result in a decline in cognitive function. Bulk™ has an extensive range of powerful mood and cognitive elevation supplements, helping to put you back on the right path. They can even aid concentration and focus for sport, or improve exam performance by enhancing cognitive function!

Everyone feels a little down now and again. Anti-depression drugs are also seemingly becoming commonplace. What if you sit in the middle? You feel low in mood, but not to the extent that medication is required? Our carefully selected mood and cognitive elevation supplements can be used to give you a ‘pick me up’.

Discover our range of mood and cognition powders, pills and supplements.

Mood Supplements FAQS

What are brain supplements?
Brain Supplements comprise any nutritional or dietary supplement that may contribute to improved mood. They can include vitamins and minerals that are associated with improved moods, as well as natural herbs, roots, plant extracts and other natural ingredients. Popular supplements include Vitamins B3 and B6, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 fatty acids.
What are the benefits of taking mood enhancers?
Mood supplements contain a range of ingredients with a range of benefits that may contribute to improved moods, but these benefits vary from nutrient to nutrient. Speaking broadly, brain supplements contribute to a range of cognitive functions that combine to contribute to improved moods, including alertness, and reduced stress.
Are brain supplements healthy?
Our supplements only use well-known, proven ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and natural plant extracts, so they’re perfectly healthy for most users. If you’re taking other supplements, such as a multivitamin, you should check to make sure you’re not doubling up on any nutrients, as some vitamins are potentially harmful if consumed in excessive doses. Also, if you’re currently taking any prescribed medication for mental health or cognitive issues, you should consult your doctor before taking mood supplements.
When should you take serotonin supplements?
Serotonin is the key hormone in your body that supports normal mood stabilisation and cognitive function, so it’s pretty important. Your body produces serotonin naturally in the body, but at a limited rate, meaning sometimes your supply can become depleted – particularly after intense activity like long distance runs, or a long night out on the town.
Is it OK to take mood supplements every day?
Like the rest of your bodily functions, moods are a 24/7 thing, so it’s generally a good idea to take mood supplements daily. In fact, most are intended to be taken as daily supplements, and people commonly take them daily to support normal mood stabilisation day in, day out.
What brain supplements are offered by Bulk™?
Bulk™ offers a wide range of vitamins, minerals, natural extracts and nutritional supplements, including popular vitamins that contribute to normal cognitive function such as Vitamin D and B-Vitamins, as well as Tryptophan and 5-HTP, which are used by the body to synthesise Serotonin. We also sell a range of CBD Oil supplements, including oils and softgel capsules.
Which vitamins help you improve your mood and cognitive function?
Just like your other vital organs, your brain is connected to a wide range of processes in your body, meaning an equally wide range of vitamins play different roles in normal cognitive function. The most popular vitamins include the B-Vitamin family, including Vitamins B3, B6 and B12. Vitamin D is also important, and is typically obtained from sunlight, so many people choose to take Vitamin D supplements during the long, dark winter months.
What is serotonin?
Serotonin is a hormone (a monoamine neurotransmitter, if you want to get technical) which is produced by your body and contributes to a wide range of everyday functions including mood modulation, learning, and memory. Along with dopamine, it’s one of the most well-known hormones produced by the body, and is foundational to normal mood regulation.