Weight Loss


At varying points during the year, most gym goers will attempt to reduce body fat to reveal the body that is hidden underneath the layers of adipose. The principle of weight loss is basic: to eat fewer calories than your body burns. However, if it was that simple, starvation diets would be the best option…and clearly, they’re not!

While the impact of meal frequency on metabolism can be debated, there are a number of other benefits to consuming small and regular meals. Regular meals can help to control appetite as well as reducing overeating later in the day. Regular meals also give the body a constant supply of the nutrients it needs.

While a focus on resistance training should remain, cardiovascular exercise (either long duration at a low intensity or interval training) should be incorporated into a training plan to increase calorie expenditure.

The key considerations in terms of nutrition for promoting weight loss are outlined below. For each consideration we have suggested 1-2 weight loss supplements that should more than help you on your way…

Protein: If you’re trying to drop body fat to expose the muscle underneath, it is essential that protein intake is adequate. If protein intake is too low, the body will go into a catabolic state and burn muscle. Aim for at least 2g protein per kilogram of bodyweight. So if you’re 80kg, that’s at least 160g protein. Protein has a higher thermic effect than carbohydrate and helps to increase satiety. A low fat and carbohydrate protein source such as whey protein is recommended, as the majority of its calories come from protein. In addition a multi-source protein blend is ideal for between meals to increase satiety.

Carbohydrates: This can be down to individual preference. Some can diet on higher carbs, others carbohydrate cycle with the rest going low carbohydrate or even ketogenic.

Fats: As fat is twice as calorie dense as protein and carbohydrate (9kcal vs 4Kcal), excessive fat intake should be limited. However, essential fat intake should not be reduced as it can aid fat loss through a number of mechanisms including improving insulin sensitivity. Good sources of fat are omega 3 softgels and CLA – both of which, despite being fatty acids, actually help to reduce body fat.

Fat Loss Supplements: A two-phase approach to weight loss is recommended. This involves combining a thermogenic fat loss supplement such as Complete Thermogenic™  with a non-stimulant fat loss supplement such as Complete Thermogenic™ Stimulant Free. This combination targets fat loss from 2 angles and works perfectly with a balanced diet and training regime.