Coconut Protein Powders & Shakes


Time to go tropical. Our range of creamy coconut protein powders, including our bestselling Pure Whey Protein™ and Vegan Protein Powder, is a taste of paradise. And we’ve cleverly combined this deliciously sweet flavour to give you the choice of Chocolate Coconut and Coconut Cream. Find your favourite and go for your goals. If you love the flavour of coconut, our range of coconut protein powders have been created to suit all fitness levels.

Looking for another plant-based option? Our Pea Protein Isolate is also available in Coconut flavour. Boost your daily protein intake the tropical way.

Looking for more? Check out our other favourable flavours of whey protein, including chocolate protein powder, vanilla protein powder, banana protein powder, peanut protein powder, strawberry protein powder and cookie protein powder. You can also browse our range of unflavoured protein powder options.