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Collagen Protein

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As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is key to healthy skin, nails, hair, joints and much more. To support these fundamental functions, collagen supplements can contribute to normal collagen formation and function of collagen and skin.

Discover new ways of easily integrating collagen into your daily routine with our Collagen Coffee, Collagen & Vitamin C powder and UC-ii capsules. These formulas are created with a specific target area in mind so take a closer look below to get the most out of them.

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  1. Collagen & Vitamin C

    2 x 500g Collagen & Vitamin C £20 - DEAL OF THE DAY

  2. Collagen Coffee

    Collagen Coffee

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    Regular Price £18.99 Special Price £11.54


  3. UC-II® & Vitamin C Capsules

    UC-II® & Vitamin C Capsules

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    Regular Price £24.99 Special Price £15.93


Collagen Protein FAQS

Collagen is a protein that is found throughout your body. Abundant in skin, bone, tissue and muscle, it accounts for one third of your entire protein composition. Supplements are an easy way to increase your intake of this essential protein, which has grown in popularity for its nutritional properties, particularly around skincare.

If you do any kind of strength training, you should be consuming higher levels of protein to support muscle mass maintenance. Collagen is part of your protein intake, and contributes to bone health, skin and cartilage function. In supplement form, they’re highly-concentrated, available in a range of different flavours, and convenient to implement into your diet.

Here at Bulk™, we offer a range of collagen products. Whether you love a powdered drink, enjoy the ease of a capsule, or even want to merge your morning coffee with the nutritional benefits of a high-protein hit, we’ve got you covered.

Collagen supplements are designed to be taken at any time of day. Because of their high-protein content, they’re especially good as a pre-workout, or even post-workout supplement.

Collagen comes in a range of forms, primarily in powder and capsule. Our powders come in a range of flavours, to be mixed with water and sipped throughout the day, or you may prefer a capsule to be taken once per day, with food, for an easy protein boost. At bulk®, we’ve also launched our COLLAGEN BLACK COFFEE, merging your morning caffeine hit with 18g of protein to get your day started.

Our UC-II® & VITAMIN C CAPSULES are Non-GM, Gluten Free, no added dairy, and Lactose Free.. They’re not suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans. You should always check the label if you have any special dietary requirements.

It’s entirely up to you whether you prefer capsules or powders; only you know what will suit your training and lifestyle regimen. You can be assured of high protein content in both; our powders offer around 12g with each serving (we recommend up to 3 servings per day), whilst our capsules contain 40mg of standardised chicken cartilage, which contains type 2 collagen.


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